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Court Orders U.S. to Pay NOM $50K

Jun 25
A federal court has ordered the U.S. government to pay $50,000 to National Organization for Marriage

IRS Video Makes Same-Sex Spouse Filing Simple

By EDGE | Mar 7
As the countdown to April 15th begins, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a new video to their YouTube channel aimed at assisting married same-sex couples maneuver their taxes in a post-Windsor era.

Okla. Tax Commission to Return Same-Sex Couple Payments

Nov 11
A small number of Oklahoma same-sex couples have received returned payments from the state Tax Commission, which turned down their recently amended filings that claimed married status.

GOP Leader Warns Attack On Free Speech

By Donna Cassata | Jun 21
The Senate Republican leader, who last year accused the Obama administration of Nixon-style dirty tricks, says the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups is part of a broader government assault on free speech.

’Modern Family’ Star’s Marriage Equality Group Targeted by IRS

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 6
Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s marriage equality group was apparently one of the several organizations targeted by the IRS for special scrutiny.

Religious Groups Say They Were Scrutinized by IRS

By Emery Dalesio and Henry C. Jackson | May 16
Two conservative religious groups say they were also the subject of unusual scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service.

House Divided: Gay Couples With a Mortgage

By David Ellis | Apr 3
A recent decision by a tax court means that legally recognized same-sex couples cannot take separate deductions on mortgage interest, even though the federal government doesn’t recognize their union.

Media Matters Founder Says Ex Blackmailed Him for $850K

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 28
The founder of the liberal watchdog group Media Matters, David Brock, was blackmailed for $850,000 by his ex-partner, William Grey.

IRS pitches tax credit for health insurance

May 17
Pitching President Barack Obama’s health care law to skeptical business owners, the IRS on Monday will announce ground rules for small firms wishing to claim a new federal tax credit for health insurance.

Gay couples sue Calif. pension fund over insurance

Apr 14
Three gay couples are suing California’s giant public pension fund and the Internal Revenue Service to make long-term care insurance available to the same-sex spouses of state government workers.

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