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Bisexuality is a Laughing Matter in New Film

MOVIES | By JW Arnold | Nov 7
"When it comes to politics or cultural identity or sexual identity, I needed people to understand that there are different shades of grey," explained actress, writer and executive producer Jezabel Montero.

Matthew McKelligon Slays in 'You're Killing Me'

MOVIES | By Tom Tietjen | Nov 7
"You're Killing Me" is this season's most talked-about slasher film. It takes a giant personality to stand out among such a talented cast, but newcomer Matthew McKellingon manages to shine like a mirror-polished knife.

Summer Movies Especially for Us

MOVIES | By Chris Carpenter | May 9
No matter how you categorize them, this summer's movies promise to be hot!

'The X-Men's' Iceman Comes Out as Gay

CULTURE | By Sean Piverger | May 9
Longtime X-Men member Bobby Drake (a.k.a. Iceman) is gay, and the storyline made its debut in Marvel's recently released "All New X-Men" #40 comic book.

Bold & Beautiful Character Maya Avant Outed As Transgender

TELEVISION | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Apr 22
Viewers of the popular daytime drama "The Bold and Beautiful" were no doubt surprised by the March 2015 revelation that the character of Maya Avant is transgender.

Authors Praise Rise in LGBT-Themed Kids' Books

NATIONAL | By Chris Hunqueriza | Apr 5
Twenty-five years ago, Leslea Newman published a book about a child and her two moms. Since then, many books have been released with LGBT themes or authored by out writers.

Old Dogs, New Tricks, Gay Web Shows! Bruce L. Hart Opens Up

TELEVISION | By Chris Carpenter | Mar 14
Bruce L. Hart has made quite a splash in the relatively new genre of web series. The accomplished actor, writer and producer chatted with us recently about the vast array of LGBT-oriented shows to watch on the net.

Spinning Tales :: LGBT Web Series

TELEVISION | By Chris Carpenter | Mar 14
One doesn't have to own a television to watch a quality drama or comedy series. Many are found exclusively on websites like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, rather than the major television networks.

The Best LGBT TV of 2014

TELEVISION | By Victoria A. Brownworth | Dec 20
It wasn't the gayest year on TV, but 2014 was still superb for good, better, best TV. Stellar series, incomparable acting, great writing -- it was all there.

The Paley Center Honors Television's Impact on LGBT Equality

TELEVISION | By Chris Carpenter | Nov 9
The Paley Center for Media's annual Los Angeles gala celebrates the critical role television has played in advancing LGBT equality over six decades.

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