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Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD’s National Board of Directors

By GLAAD | Monday Jun 2, 2014
GLAAD announces Republican political commentator, author, and TV personality Meghan McCain will join the organization’s National Board of Directors.

Cindy McCain Wins Prestigious LGBT Award, Backlash Ensues

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
Cindy McCain recently won an award for her work with the LGBT community, but some are questioning if she deserved the honor because of her GOP ties and because she’s married to Sen. John McCain, who does not support full marriage equality.

Fox Removes Coulter Column With Meghan McCain Reference

Friday Apr 12, 2013
The Fox Nation website has removed a column by conservative commentator Ann Coulter because it had a reference to killing the daughter of Sen. John McCain.

McCain Daughter Seeks National Voice

By Jocelyn Noveck | Friday Oct 29, 2010
When Meghan McCain said on national TV recently that Senate GOP hopeful Christine O’Donnell "is seen as a nut job," the reaction from the right was swift and furious, with critics bashing everything from McCain’s lack of experience to her judgment to, well, her anatomy.

Is the McCain Family More Pro-Gay Than the Obamas?

By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Daughter Meghan McCain has been a vocal supporter of gay rights and especially gay marriage. Now she’s joined by her mom, Cindy. Some gay voters are asking, ’Did we choose the right family to go to the White House?’

Meghan McCain, Pro Gay-Marriage GOP Star, Stirs Up College Controversy

Tuesday Jan 19, 2010
Meghan McCain, the daughter of GOP presidential candidate John McCain, will speak at a pro-gay marriage conference at George Washington University--but the student GOP club has rescinded its support.

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