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Trump Wants Nationwide "Stop and Frisk" Policing

To reduce crime, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to initiate a "stop and frisk" policy for police officers.

Muslim NYPD Captain Fights Crime and Prejudice

Out of 36,000 NYPD officers, there are about 1,000 Muslim officers. Jamiel Altaheri is one of them. But it's not on the streets where he faces his biggest challenge.

Sandwich Chain Worker Accused of Drugging Officer's Drink

CORPORATE | By Brady McCombs | Aug 13
Investigators believe it was done intentionally by an 18-year-old Subway employee, who was arrested on suspicion of surreptitiously giving a poisonous substance.

SF Panel Reports on 'Policing the Police'

NEWS | By Sari Staver | Aug 6
City residents must push for new laws to independently monitor the San Francisco Police Department, a retired judge told a standing-room-only audience.

Officer Denied Service at Restaurant Outside DC

A police department outside Washington says an officer was denied service at a local Noodles & Company restaurant.

Lesbian Ex-SF Cop Claims Retaliation by Former Chief

NEWS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | May 28
A former San Francisco police officer has filed a claim against the city, saying recently departed Police Chief Greg Suhr forced her to retire after she went public with allegations that another officer had embezzled money.

Court Strikes Down Law Passed After DOJ Report on Ferguson

FINANCE | By Adam Aton | Apr 1
A Missouri court struck down parts of a law limiting cities' ability to profit from traffic tickets and court fines - a measure meant to address concerns raised after the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Ford Makes Police Car Doors That Stop Armor-Piercing Bullets

AUTO NEWS | Mar 13
Ford will soon be offering the doors on its Police Interceptor sedans and SUVs. They'll be the first in the U.S. to meet the Justice Department's highest standard for body armor, the equivalent of a bulky SWAT team vest.

Bill Would Make Videotaping Police a Crime if Too Close

CRIME | By Bob Christie | Jan 9
An Arizona lawmaker wants to bar the public from videotaping law enforcement officers from close-range, saying groups that rush in to film police interactions are routinely endangering officers by distracting them

In Mexico, Fear As Victims Vanish at Hands of Police

CRIME | By Christopher Sherman | Nov 26
It was common knowledge that police were errand runners for gangsters, but it was not widely acknowledged that local and state police were disappearing people, too.

1 thru 10 of 40 Stories