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Liberty Depicted as Black Woman on $100 Gold Coin

Jan 14
The U.S. Mint has unveiled a commemorative $100 gold coin that features an image of Liberty as a black woman.

Possibly Unique Glass Penny from World War II Sells for $70k

Jan 7
A possibly unique experimental glass penny made during World War II sold at auction for $70,500.

The Odds That Young Adults Will Earn More Than Their Parents Has Plummeted

Dec 19
It's not news to many that their prospects are dimmer than those of their parents. Here's a summary of contributing factors.

Jackpot Rigging Scandal Grows in Scope As Trials Near

By David Pitt | Dec 1
A prosecutor says two brothers accused of conspiring to fix lottery games in five states had rigged another drawing for which they claimed a jackpot and planted software on additional computers that would have enabled them to fix more games.

Jill Stein Presidential Recount Effort Prompts Money Gusher

By Julie Bykowicz | Nov 29
Jill Stein is on track to raise twice as much for an election recount effort than she did for her own failed Green Party presidential bid.

"Pogue's Basics": Get More Out of Your Money

Nov 27
Yahoo finance columnist and CBS Sunday Morning correspondent David Pogue has a new guide to help get our lives in line.

Millions Scramble After India Scraps Its Largest Banknotes

By Muneeza Naqvi | Nov 11
Indians awakened to confusion Wednesday as banks and ATMs remained closed after the government withdrew the highest-denomination currency notes overnight to halt money laundering.

Ryan Urges Pentagon to Suspend Collection of Guard Bonuses

By Matthew Daly | Oct 27
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday called for the Pentagon to immediately suspend efforts to recover enlistment bonuses paid to thousands of soldiers in California.

Goldman Sachs Launches Personal Loan Service

By Ken Sweet | Oct 15
Goldman Sachs unveiled a long-awaited online consumer lending service Thursday, the investment bank's latest push to retail banking.

Use Price Matching to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

By Courtney Jespersen | Oct 8
Even though price matching works, less than 10 percent of consumers do it, according to Sucharita Mulpuru, chief retail strategist for annual commerce industry convention Shoptalk.

1 thru 10 of 51 Stories