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Pro Skateboarder Brian Anderson Opens Up About Coming Out

CELEBRITIES | By Brittani Ferrendi | Oct 9
Anderson, who won the World Cup of Skateboarding in Germany in 1999, had kept his sexuality out of his professional career due to fear of how friends, family and fans would react. Now he's out in the open.

Sweden to Deport Gay Soccer Player to Gay-Hating Home Country

SPORTS | By Brittany Ferrendi | Aug 20
A gay soccer player will be deported from Sweden to Liberia where he will be prosecuted, beaten and possibly raped for his homosexuality.

Homo History 101: Summer Olympics Edition

SPORTS | By Pier Angelo | Jul 23
The news that the Rio Olympics will feature 33 out LGBT athletes is welcome -- but LGBT Olympians have always been part of the picture.

Greg Louganis to be Honored by Point Foundation

SPORTS | Mar 8
Point Foundation will present five-time Olympic medalist Greg Louganis with the Point Legend Award, which recognizes an individual who has achieved greatness in their professional career and unapologetically supported the LGBTQ community.

LGBT History Month Profiles: Jason Collins and Michael Sam

CELEBRITIES | By Mike Halterman | Oct 10
Each week throughout the month of October, we will be profiling two people from the Equality Forum LGBT History Month icons list who have made a positive impact in their chosen professions. This week: Jason Collins and Michael Sam.

'Fearless' Book Turns the Lens on Openly LGBT Athletes

BOOKS | By Nicole Wiesenthal | Aug 16
Jeff Sheng, once a closeted high school tennis player, just released the photography book and collection of memoirs "Fearless," depicting numerous out LGBT athletes and their stories.

Major League Baseball Goes to Bat for Diversity

SPORTS | Apr 19
On July 17, 2013, Major League Baseball held its 84th annual All Star Game at Citi Field in Queens, New York. It was a day that would become special for the LGBT community: Bud Selig, then commissioner of MLB, challenged homophobia in the clubhouse.

Police: Gay Ex-49er Hit Autos, Tried to Bite Cop

Gay ex-San Francisco 49ers football player Kwame Harris was arrested last Sunday after he allegedly hit two vehicles with his Audi and tried to bite a police officer.

LGBT Sport :: Out Across the Land and Here at Home

SPORTS | By Joel Martens | Jan 27
If you are interested in participating in a "group activity," the LGBT community offers many options -- some healthy, some perhaps not as much. But here's one that might surprise you: Sport. And more and more LGBT pros are emerging from the closet.

Olympic Rower Robbie Manson Comes Out

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Nov 5
New Zealand hunk Robbie Manson, an Olympic rower, came out publicly as gay, after coming out to friends and teammates two years ago.

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