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Vacancy at the Beverly Hills Hotel Over Owner’s Anti-Gay Stance

By EDGE | May 6
Outrage over the recent implementation of sharia law that punishes homosexuality and adultery in Brunei by death by stoning has caused Hollywood A-List parties to pack their bags and leave the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Rock’N Roll Auction of Year Features Madonna and Gaga Costumes

Nov 22
Music enthusiasts, collectors and the curious will have the opportunity to bid on iconic music memorabilia dating back from the1930s to modern day, from the fascinating world of Lady Gaga to the historic legacy of The Beatles.

Groom the Grooms at the Peninsula Beverly Hills

Aug 26
As same-sex couples move towards matrimony, The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa has created "Groom the Grooms," a guy-centric luxury spa journey designed to ease stress and provide a photo ready glow for the couple to be.

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories