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Advocates Call for Paper Ballots in Georgia Amid FBI Review

By Kathleen Foody | Mar 16
A group of technology experts said Tuesday that Georgia's top elections officials should stop using electronic voting machines as the FBI reviews a suspected data breach.

States Scramble for Funding to Upgrade Aging Voting Machines

By David Saleh Rauf | Mar 15
At least once a year, staffers in one of Texas' largest election offices scour the web for a relic from a bygone technology era: Zip disks.

Dutch Ballots to Be Counted by Hand Amid Hacking Fears

Feb 2
The Dutch government announced Wednesday it is scrapping computer software used to tally and transmit election results amid reports that the software is outdated and could easily be hacked.

No-Selfie Zone: Not OK in Voting Booth, West Virginia Says

May 5
If you want to share your voting experience on social media, you'll have to find some way other than taking a photo in the voting booth. West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant says it's forbidden.

Philippine Voter Data Hacked but Polls to Go Ahead

By Teresa Cerojano | Apr 22
The hacking of a Philippine election database may have exposed the personal information of all 55 million registered voters, but will not undermine May 9 national elections.

Pizza and Long Lines: Arizona Voters Waited into Wee Hours

By Bob Christie | Apr 6
The Associated Press obtained a document from the Maricopa County Recorder's Office that shows the time each of the 60 polling sites closed, providing a more complete picture of the painstaking lines voters experienced.

Small Slice of Voters Could Decide DC Mayoral Race

By Ben Nucklos | Mar 10
Washington is one of a dwindling number of big U.S. cities that require voters to register with a party to vote in its winner-take-all primary. Those election procedures, combined with an unusually early primary, can depress voter turnout, even D.C.

Ginsburg Says Push for Voter ID Laws Predictable

By Mark Sherman | Jul 26
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she’s not surprised that Southern states have pushed ahead with tough voter identification laws and other measures since the Supreme Court freed them from strict federal oversight of their elections.

Obama Bets Electorate Matches 2008 and Wins

By Thomas Beaumont | Nov 7
It turned out that Americans who cast ballots looked collectively much more like what President Barack Obama had envisioned - a diverse tapestry that reflected a changing America - than the whiter, older electorate Mitt Romney had banked on.

Whatever the Outcomes, Volunteers & Groups Fought Hard for Marriage Equality

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 5
Whatever the outcome on Tuesday in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota & Washington State, volunteers & organizations gave it their all in the most determined push for gay rights on one election day in our lifetime.

1 thru 10 of 13 Stories