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Former Red Sox Pitcher Says He Played With Gay Teammates

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Feb 8
Famed former Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, a noted conservative, wrote on Twitter that he’s played with gay teammates and had no problem with it.

Red Sox Release "It Gets Better" Video

LOCAL | By Michael K. Lavers | Jul 1
The Boston Red Sox are the third Major League Baseball team to release a video for the "It Gets Better" project.

Thanks to Fan, 12, Red Sox to Join Cubs’, Giants’ ’It Gets Better’ Campaign

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Jun 6
The Boston Red Sox will join the Giants and the Cubs in making a video message aimed at youths -- particularly GLBT youths who suffer anti-gay bullying and harassment -- telling them that "It Gets Better."

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories