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Secret U.S. 'Cuban Twitter' Programs Problematic

By Jack Gillum | Dec 27
Once-secret U.S. government programs in Cuba that included a Twitter-like messaging service and an HIV-prevention workshop contained inadequate monitoring, conflicts of interest and questions of legal responsibility for those involved.

Gun Buyer in Massacre Mused on Facebook of Troubles He Faced

PERSONAL TECH | By Brian Melley and Christine Armario | Dec 21
Less than a month before his friend carried out the San Bernardino massacre, the man who bought the assault rifles used in the attack wondered when the multiple lives he was leading would come crashing down.

Top Trend on Facebook: Election 2016

PERSONAL TECH | By Michael Liedtke | Dec 12
The U.S. won't elect a president until next year but the debate over the crowded field of candidates jostling for the Oval Office emerged as the hottest topic on Facebook this year.

Terror Via Social Media? Ohio Man Indicted

PERSONAL TECH | By Mitch Stacy | Dec 9
A grand jury charged 25-year-old Terrence J. McNeil of Akron with three counts each of solicitation of a crime of violence and threatening military personnel.

Social Media Post of Alleged Rape Draws Police

PERSONAL TECH | By Joe Reedy | Dec 9
A man who posted a video of an alleged rape to social media last week has been questioned by Florida police, who are continuing to investigate whether the video is legitimate, a spokesman said Monday.

Liftoff: 1st US Shipment in Months Flying to Space Station

SCIENCE | By Marcia Dunn | Dec 8
A U.S. shipment of much-needed groceries and other astronaut supplies rocketed toward the International Space Station for the first time in months Sunday, reigniting NASA's commercial delivery service.

Bangladesh Bloggers Fear Deadly Backlash Won't End Soon

Fear is running high following months in which four bloggers and three other people have been killed, allegedly by Islamist radicals. Many bloggers have gone into hiding, and some have left the country.

Cops: $60K Facebook Post May Have Led to Fatal Home Invasion

PERSONAL TECH | By Ken Sweet | Oct 15
Police are investigating whether a photo a Philadelphia man posted on Facebook of what he said was $60,000 triggered a home invasion that left him dead.

Alan Cumming Launches 'The Celibacy Challenge' Against FDA

AIDS | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 6
Imagine abstaining from sex for an entire year, just to donate blood. That's what the FDA says gay men will have to do. Alan Cumming introduces them to The Celibacy Challenge.

Petition Started to Demand Facebook Drop Name Change Policy

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 19
In the battle to allow drag queens and transgender individuals to continue using their Facebook profile under their stage name or chosen name, a Seattle drag performer has founded a petition on

1 thru 10 of 36 Stories