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Michael Stipe to Appear at Logo Event This Month

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014
Michael Stipe will honor Ugandan gay rights activist John Abdallah Wambere at the Logo network’s "Trailblazers" event this month.

Logo TV Presents "Trailblazers"

By Mike Halterman | Sunday Jun 15, 2014
Logo TV has announced the upcoming telecast of "Trailblazers," a new annual event to honor the pioneers who have broken new ground in the quest for LGBT civil rights and are leading the way towards equality.

Logo Founder to Launch YouTube Gay-Themed Channel

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday Dec 5, 2012
Logo’s founder announced this week that he would be launching a new YouTube channel in January geared towards the LGBT community.

Bump!: Gay Globetrotting with Charlie David

By Jared Cox | Monday Jun 4, 2012
I sat down with sexy and hilarious Charlie David while on location for Bump! in Brazil for a fascinating chat about his travel experiences abroad.

A-Listings :: Queens with drama

By Robert Nesti | Tuesday Aug 23, 2011
On episode 4 of "The A-List: New York," Reichen & TJ head to Hawaii, Rodiney dates a woman and Derek & Austin have a confrontation.

The Newest Fashionista :: Ruiz tags Hell’s Kitchen

By Juan Carlos Alvarez | Sunday Apr 24, 2011
The latest fashion courtesy of Mike Ruiz lands in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen most trendy new shop TAGG! It was a star-studded event chock full of A-Listers and EDGE was there to capture it all!

Making the A-List: Behind the scenes of Logo’s hit reality series

By Robert Nesti | Monday Feb 21, 2011
With The A-List: New York gearing up to its second season, EDGE’s JC Alvarez spoke to the show’s co-executive producer Dominick Pupa about how it came about and what’s coming up.

Logo’s ’Beautiful People,’ Season 2

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jun 15, 2010
Don’t let em go! Oh yes, it’s time for another hilarious and gay season of Beautiful People on LOGO!

Beautiful People’s Simon Doonan: Growing up gay

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday May 20, 2009
As a child growing up in England, Simon Doonan always dreamed of being one of the "beautiful people." The reality was coming to age with his hilarious, if dysfunctional family, who became the subject of his 2005 memoir "Beautiful People." The book caught the attention of "Ab Fab" producer Jon Plowman and the result is the hit British series "Beautiful People," which makes its American debut next week on Logo. EDGE spoke with Doonan, who now writes a column on style in the New York Observer as well as working at Barney’s, about the series and his childhood.

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