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4 Challenges Posed by Today's Long-Distance Relationships

By Melissa Rayworth | Jan 12
Digital communication brings us a lot of connection, but the illusion of intimacy and physical presence isn't the same as actually being together.

Loving Those Left Behind: Caring for Older Kids in Foster Care

By Maria Dominguez | Oct 14
Older children are often overlooked by prospective foster parents. For LGBTQ youth, who make up 40 percent of homeless teens according to a 2012 Williams Insititute study, finding an accepting foster family is an even bigger challenge.

U.S. Officials OK Option for Men with HIV to Father Children

By Mike Stobbe | Jun 3
The nation's top public health agency on Thursday changed its guidance for HIV-infected men who want to father children, saying there's now enough evidence that a lab technique that removes the virus is a safe option.

S.C. Judge Rules Lesbian Couple Had Common Law Marriage for Decades

By Maria Dominguez | Apr 1
After the end of a relationship that lasted almost 40 years, Debra Parks, 62, sued to have her rights recognized by the court. According to Family Court Judge Thomas White, Parks had a common law marriage with her partner.

Federal Court Orders Florida To Include Surviving Same-Sex Spouses on Death Certificates

By Tucker Berardi | Mar 25
In a new case from Lambda Legal, a federal court issued a decision requiring Florida to acknowledge whether a deceased individual was married to a same-sex partner and list said partner as a surviving spouse.

Florida Updates Birth Certificate Policy

By John McDonald | Jan 21
Two years later, Florida's same-sex married couples finally have their family paperwork in order.

New Jersey Sued Over Law Saying Lesbians Wanting Children Should Sleep with Men

By John Riley | Aug 14
Four lesbian women are challenging a New Jersey state law that they say discriminates against lesbians who want to have children and enables insurance companies to deny coverage for lesbian couples undergoing fertility treatments.

Man Sues San Fran TV Station for Spousal Benefits

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Aug 13
A man whose husband worked for KRON4 is suing the San Francisco TV station for spousal benefits he says he's entitled to after his husband's death.

Celebrate Your Unforgettable Wedding Day at The Garrison

Mar 16
When you hold your wedding at The Garrison, you'll build a relationship with a dedicated Special Event Manager. Todd Smith and Annie Rozycki are the experts who work directly with bridal parties.

Widower Receives Apology After Australia Fails to Recognize Marriage Following Husband's Death

By Rhuaridh Marr | Jan 24
A dream honeymoon quickly became a nightmare after a British man fell to his death in Adelaide, South Australia.

1 thru 10 of 32 Stories