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Alaska Tourism Suffers Amid Marketing Budget Cuts

Alaska Tourism Suffers Amid Marketing Budget Cuts

Apr 9
The leaders of Alaska's largest travel industry trade group are looking for ways to fill a void in their marketing budget created by cuts from lawmakers.

Pot Shop Clashes With Tourism Stores in Eclectic Alaskan Town

By Mark Thiessen | Aug 31
The presence of a marijuana retail store has caused a deep divide in this quirky tourist town, where hundreds of visitors roam the streets daily browsing in art galleries and souvenir shops housed in historic cabins.

Alaska Counters Lack of Fresh Veggies with Greenhouse Guide

By Rachel D'Oro | May 14
Cold-climate greenhouses have long been an option for increasing the limited growing season in Alaska, where fresh produce is a rarity in a harsh environment.

Oprah Partners with Holland America on Cruise Series

Feb 10
Oprah Winfrey will take a cruise this summer in a place she's never been before: Alaska.

Many Alaskans Unhappy with Amount of Yearly Dividend Checks

By Rachel D'Oro | Oct 5
Yes, you could call it free money. But that doesn't mean all Alaskans are happy about the $1,022 dividend checks nearly every resident will receive starting Thursday from the state's oil wealth fund.

9 Tips for Cruising Alaska

May 3
Hot and humid is just around the corner, so if you're looking for a summer escape that offers everything from high-octane adventure to luxury digs, consider cruising to Alaska.

Alaska Weighing Rules to Allow Use of Pot At Licensed Stores

By Becky Bohrer | May 1
Alaska could soon become the first state in the nation to allow on-site consumption of marijuana in some businesses that will sell pot.

Alaska Regulators Taking Applications for Pot Businesses

By Becky Bohrer | Feb 26
A regulatory board in Alaska on Wednesday began accepting applications for marijuana business licenses - the next step in setting up the state's legal pot industry.

Alaska Regulators Are 1st to OK Marijuana Use at Pot Shops

By Becky Bohrer | Nov 24
The board tasked with writing rules for Alaska's recreational marijuana industry voted Friday to allow for people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it, a first among the four states that have legalized the drug.

Alaskan Cruises Top 2015 Travel Trends

By EDGE | Dec 23
There is a major shake-up among the most popular U.S. destinations heading into the New Year - the rugged beauty of Alaska, enjoyed via cruising, has dethroned Las Vegas and stands at number one in a tight contest tha also includes Orlando, Maui and NYC.

1 thru 10 of 51 Stories