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Marriage Equality In Canada: 10 Years Later

FAMILY | By Daniela Costa | Aug 1
Canada beat the U.S. to marriage equality by a decade. While anti-gay voices here decry legal family parity, EDGE print partner SFGN investigates: Has Canada been destroyed yet?

Anti-Gay Sites Eating Up Gay Baker's Rant

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Jul 25
Jesse Bartholomew's video rant is making the rounds on the Internet, particularly on conservative media.

J.K. Rowling Squashes Homophobic Twitter User

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 9
J.K. Rowling shut down a homophobic Twitter user this week with just a few well-chosen words.

Virginia Lawyer Faces Severe Action After Calling AIDS "Gay Plague"

AIDS | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 2
Responding to Florida's decision to lift the ban on same-sex marriage last month, a Virginia lawyer emailed his entire law firm that the "gay plague of AIDS" should have shown us all better by now.

Billy Graham’s Son: I Support Putin, But I’m Not Homophobic

RELIGION | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 2
In a new interview with the Charlotte Observer, Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, condemns homosexuality, President Obama’s apparent homosexual agenda, but says he isn’t a homophobic or intolerant.

Miss. News Anchor Tells LGBT Community to Take a ’Gaycation’

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Mar 28
A local news anchor for Mississippi’s ABC and CBS-affiliated station WLOX is coming under fire this week for making controversial remarks in a Facebook post about the LGBT community.

Barilla Pasta Opens Restaurant in Mega-Gay Midtown Manhattan

WORKPLACE | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 14
After inciting rage and boycotts across the globe for last fall’s anti-gay comments, Barilla, the world’s largest pasta producer, has now opened the doors to an Italian restaurant in mega-gay midtown Manhattan.

Secretary of State John Kerry Responds to Gambian President’s Anti-Gay Remarks

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Feb 20
Secretary of State John Kerry released a statement Wednesday condemning Gambian President Yahya Jammeh for calling gay people "vermin" and saying that gays should be exterminated like mosquitos that cause malaria during a speech on Tuesday.

Man Goes Off on Anti-Gay Tirade After Ill. House Approves Gay Marriage Bill

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Nov 7
A man went on a bizarre tirade on a Chicago bus after lawmakers from the Illinois House approved a bill on Tuesday that grants marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Gambia President: Homosexuality Top Global Threat

The president of Gambia is using his address to the United Nations General Assembly to attack gays and lesbians, calling homosexuality one of the three "biggest threats to human existence."

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