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Republican Lawmaker Seeks Ban on LGBT 'Conversion Therapy'

INTERNATIONAL | By Kathleen Ronayne | Oct 13
A young Republican lawmaker is proposing legislation in New Hampshire to ban therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors.

Nevada GOP Picks First Trans Republican Candidate in U.S. History

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Jun 13
The Nevada State Republican party has made history by tapping military veteran and transgender woman Lauren Scott to run against a Democract in Nevada Assembly District 30.

GOP House Backs State Medical Marijuana Laws

HEALTH | By Andrew Taylor | May 30
The GOP-controlled House voted early Friday in favor of blocking the federal government from interfering with states that permit the use of medical marijuana.

Bill in Calif. Would Ban Orca Shows

A California state lawmaker wants to ban SeaWorld from using killer whales in its San Diego shows.

Crist! Is He Really Backpedalling Again?

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Jan 3
In an interview with an Orlando gay publication this Tuesday, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist apologized for his 2008 support of a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Out Canadian Councilor to Go to Winter Olympics

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Dec 11
Vancouver, Canada, councilor Tim Stevenson, who is openly gay, announced on Wednesday that he will go to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, despite the country’s anti-gay laws.

Gay Son Defends Congressman’s Opposition to Marriage Equality

FAMILY | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 5
The openly gay son of a Republican Arizona representative defended his father’s opposition to gay marriage in a recent interview.

Lawmakers Rush to Catch Up On Gay Marriage

POLITICS | By Josh Lederman | Mar 29
For years, American opinion on gay marriage has been shifting. Now lawmakers are in a mad dash to catch up.

Congressman Proposes Protecting LGBT Jurors From Discrimination

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | May 23
A New Jersey congressman has proposed a new law that would protect LGBT jurors from discrimination when being selected to serve on a jury.

Corker urges cooler rhetoric on financial overhaul

FINANCE | Apr 15
A Republican who has helped shape controverisal legislation overhauling financial regulation says he’s confident a bipartisan agreement can be found.

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