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Nevada GOP Picks First Trans Republican Candidate in U.S. History

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Jun 13
The Nevada State Republican party has made history by tapping military veteran and transgender woman Lauren Scott to run against a Democract in Nevada Assembly District 30.

GOP House Backs State Medical Marijuana Laws

HEALTH | By Andrew Taylor | May 30
The GOP-controlled House voted early Friday in favor of blocking the federal government from interfering with states that permit the use of medical marijuana.

Bill in Calif. Would Ban Orca Shows

A California state lawmaker wants to ban SeaWorld from using killer whales in its San Diego shows.

Crist! Is He Really Backpedalling Again?

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Jan 3
In an interview with an Orlando gay publication this Tuesday, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist apologized for his 2008 support of a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Out Canadian Councilor to Go to Winter Olympics

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Dec 11
Vancouver, Canada, councilor Tim Stevenson, who is openly gay, announced on Wednesday that he will go to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, despite the country’s anti-gay laws.

Gay Son Defends Congressman’s Opposition to Marriage Equality

FAMILY | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 5
The openly gay son of a Republican Arizona representative defended his father’s opposition to gay marriage in a recent interview.

Lawmakers Rush to Catch Up On Gay Marriage

POLITICS | By Josh Lederman | Mar 29
For years, American opinion on gay marriage has been shifting. Now lawmakers are in a mad dash to catch up.

Congressman Proposes Protecting LGBT Jurors From Discrimination

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | May 23
A New Jersey congressman has proposed a new law that would protect LGBT jurors from discrimination when being selected to serve on a jury.

Corker urges cooler rhetoric on financial overhaul

FINANCE | Apr 15
A Republican who has helped shape controverisal legislation overhauling financial regulation says he’s confident a bipartisan agreement can be found.

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories