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Opinionated Don Lemon Breaking Out at CNN

TELEVISION | By David Bauder | May 21
CNN’s Don Lemon on how giving his two cents benefited his career.

Trigger Bar Closes

LOCAL | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 23
Trigger nightclub in the Castro shut down Tuesday, after a judge last week ordered assets associated with the business to be auctioned off.

New SunServe Group Aims to Support Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse

LOCAL | By Gideon Grudo | May 25
Newly launched, a weekly support group from one of the LGBT community’s favorite organizations will focus on people who are currently or have recently been victim to partner abuse.

Local Writer, Bob Kesckemety, Hospitalized

LOCAL | By Norm Kent | May 24
A popular local journalist, Bob Kesckemety, living the past year with a spreading and inoperable bone cancer, was hospitalized Tuesday at Broward General Medical Center, in grave condition.

Longtime gay newspaper to use ’Blade’ name again

The oldest U.S. newspaper for gays and lesbians will start publishing under its original name again.

1 thru 5 of 5 Stories