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Robin Roberts, Chely Wright, Clay Aiken, Janet Mock and More at GLSEN Respect Awards

By Brian Scott Lipton | May 21
With such LGBT luminaries in the house as Robin Roberts, Clay Aiken, Chely Wright, Janet Mock and more, there was an "explosion of choice" for role models at Monday’s annual GLSEN Respect Awards.

The Grand Ole Opry Should Invite Chely Wright Back, Say Activists

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 15
Support is growing among country music fans for a new petition on to get out lesbian singer Chely Wright back to the Grand Ole Opry.

Chely Wright and Wife Expecting Twins

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 28
Out country singer Chely Wright and her wife announced that the musician is carrying the couple’s twins.

Aussie Country Singer Beccy Cole: ’I’m a lesbian.’

By Jason St. Amand | Jul 24
Australian country singer-songwriter Beccy Cole came out of the closet in an episode of "Australian Story."

Musician Chely Wright to Open LGBT Center in Mo.

By Heather Hollingsworth | Mar 9
Country music star Chely Wright will perform in Kansas City for the opening of a community center where LGBT people and their families and friends can meet up.

Country Singer Chely Wright Marries Gal Pal

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 23
Country singer Chely Wright has tied the knot with Lauren Blitzer, the woman she met shortly after coming out as a lesbian last year.

Chely Wright comes out (on film)

By Jim Halterman | Jul 7
When Chely Wright came out last year, she saw her record sales fall; but the out singer couldn’t be more content, as evidenced by the doc film that chronicles her coming out. EDGE spoke to the singer about the film & her post-out career.

PBS’s ’Out in America’ offers snapshots of contemporary gay life

By Jim Halterman | Jun 6
This week PBS airs a documentary that offers an overview on being out in America; not only celebrities (Kate Clinton, Chely Wright & Andy Cohen), but also gays from all walks of life. EDGE spoke to Clinton and director Andrew Goldberg about the film.

GayPop 2010 :: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

By JC Alvarez and Robert Nesti | Jan 2
Who were the trendsetters in gay popular culture in 2010? And who were the trainwrecks? Here’s our assessment.

EDGE EXCLUSIVE: Country superstar Chely Wright speaks about coming out

By William Kapfer | May 5
Country music star Chely Wright is now an out lesbian - and her announcement, kept (mostly) hush-hush until earlier this week, has sent people on a tweeting and googling frenzy to find out more about her. Wright gave an exclusive, one-on-one interview to EDGE’s William Kapfer in New York on the eve of publicizing her big news, telling why she’s coming out now, how she thinks country music fans will handle the news, and if she would ever sing about liking a girl.

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