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GOProud Co-Founder Resigns Over CPAC Comprimise

A little over a month after GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia announced he was quitting the Republican party, Chris Barron who founded the arch-conservative gay political organization with him in 2009 announced he was stepping down from the board.

Log Cabin Republicans Challenge Dave Agema To Debate What?

NATIONAL | By Bobby McGuire | Jan 26
After refusing to step down from his position as a member of the RNC, the Log Cabin Republicans have challenged Michigan Republican Committee member Dave Agema to Debate.

GOProud Co-Founder Quits GOP, Cites ’Tolerance of Bigotry’

Citing dissatisfaction with big-government conservatives and bigots within the Republican Party, Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of arch-conservative Republican gay organization GOProud, announced that he has changed his voter registration to independent.

Log Cabin Republicans Miffed Over Sexy LGBT Targeted Obamacare Ad

Today Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) issued a press release denouncing an online video PSA by Out 2 Enroll which aimed to promote awareness among LGBT people about the Affordable Care Act.

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Controversial Carl DeMaio for Congress

POLITICS | By Michael Cox | Jul 13
The Log Cabin Republicans announced that its board of directors has endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress. DeMaio, a gay Republican, is running to be the next Congressman in California’s 52nd Congressional District.

GOP Nominates Anti-Gay Minister for Virginia Lt. Gov.

POLITICS | By Jason St. Amand | May 21
Virginia Republicans have nominated E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor. The minister, however, has made headlines for his outrageous anti-gay comments and for comparing Planned Parenthood to the K.K.K.

Gay GOP Group Log Cabin Announces Relaunch

POLITICS | By James Patterson | May 15
Log Cabin Republicans recently announced a relaunch of their organization, but it remains to be seen how much influence the predominately gay GOP group will have within the national Republican Party.

The Changing Face of the GOP and Log Cabin Republicans

NATIONAL | By Akeem Favor | Apr 16
Recognizing its dwindling base and lack of minorities, the Grand Old Party has quickly repositioned itself as more welcoming, setting off a sea change in their involvement in LGBT issues.

CPAC :: No Gay Groups Allowed!

POLITICS | By Jason St. Amand | Feb 28
In an interesting move, officials from CPAC have excluded two conservative gay organizations from attending the annual GOP event.

Whither the Whiter GOP?

POLITICS | By Steve Weinstein | Jan 16
Will the party of Lincoln come to its sense, or will it sink into crotchety senescence? Post-election, the question remains.

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