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First Families :: William J. Mann on 'The Wars of the Roosevelts'

First Families :: William J. Mann on 'The Wars of the Roosevelts'

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 8
Acclaimed author William J. Mann turned his talents to a book about the Roosevelts. His talents as a novelist inform an all-American story of dynastic forces and powerful politics -- and the tale he tells illuminate today's state of affairs.

Jeff Mann on "Country"

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 7
Jeff Mann's new novel follows a country star after his career-ending forced emergence from the closet. Explosive, romantic, and -- yes, you know it! -- hot, Mann's book has got something for every gay "Country" boy.

Roman Mystery Author Steven Saylor on Wrath, Fury, and the Lure of Ancient History

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 10
Steven Saylor's latest excursion to the ancient world takes his Ancient Roman hero, Gordianus, behind enemy lines and deep into a murderous plot. But Saylor has more up his sleeve, as he tells EDGE in this interview!

Robert Patrick: One of Nation's Oldest Gay Playwrights on Being Part of Theater History

By Henrik Eger | Oct 10
Robert Patrick is the author of "Kennedy's Children" and "The Haunted Host," one of America's oldest gay plays, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. He opens up about his colorful past in this interview.

Better Than Fiction :: William J. Mann on Murder and Mayhem in 'Tinseltown'

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 25
Wiliam J. Mann has written novels, and he's written biographies; he's explored dramatic fiction, and he's produced well-researched histories. Now he brings both those fields of expertise together in the real-life murder mystery "Tinseltown."

Jim Provenzano's Tales Of Love

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Aug 17
Author Jim Provenzano is a hopeless romantic. He's also a staunch advocate for people with disabilities. He brings those two elements together in "Every Time I Think of You" and its just-published sequel, "Message of Love."

Celebrating Charles Warren Stoddard

By Peter Garland | Aug 12
Charles Warren Stoddard (1843-1909) might be called the George Washington of the gay movement in San Francisco, for he published the first relatively open homosexual novel.

Two Cubans Talking :: A Conversation with Johnny Diaz

By Jesse Monteagudo | Aug 9
Johnny Diaz chats about his fifth novel, the newly published "Looking for Providence."

Edmund White Talks Gay Rights and HIV in America

By Jeromy Carpenter | May 18
Edmund White is a prolific writer and an icon of the gay rights movement and the fight for equality for those living with HIV in America today. We discussed his books, his life and his thoughts on the gay rights movement and the HIV-positive community.

Killing His Darlings :: ’Boystown’ Scribe Marshall Thornton on ’Murder Book’

By Kilian Melloy | May 9
A series of mystery novels centered around a gay sleuth that delivers both thrills and heartbreak is like the Spanish Inquisition: To reference Monty Python, no one expects it. Author Marshall Thornton chatted with EDGE about the new novel, "Murder Book."

1 thru 10 of 18 Stories