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After Long Decline, St. Louis Tries to Rebuild With Startups

By Jim Salter | Jan 19
It's tough to rebuild a city's image when the national perception is that it peaked a century ago, and when recent news has sometimes been dismal.

As Robots Take Jobs, Europeans Mull Free Money for All

By John Leicester | Jan 18
The radical notion that governments should hand out free money to everyone - rich and poor, those who work and those who don't - is slowly but surely gaining ground in Europe.

More Pay, Greater Confidence Lifts U.S. Retail Sales 0.6 pct.

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Jan 16
Americans stepped up their auto buying and online shopping in December, reflecting a boost in confidence after the election and a solid increase in pay.

An American Fault Line: High School-Only Grads Left Behind

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Jan 15
Americans with no more than a high school diploma have fallen so far behind college graduates in their economic lives that the earnings gap between college grads and everyone else has reached its widest point on record.

World Economic Forum Says Capitalism Needs Urgent Change

By Pan Pylas | Jan 12
Reforming the very nature of capitalism will be needed to combat the growing appeal of populist political movements around the world, the World Economic Forum said Wednesday.

Pay to Rise for Millions As 19 States Increase Minimum Wage

By David Klepper | Jan 2
It will be a happy New Year indeed for millions of the lowest-paid U.S. workers. Nineteen states, including New York and California, will ring in the year with an increase in the minimum wage.

How A Fed Interest Rate Hike Could Impact You

Dec 19
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interests rates for the first time in a year. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger explains how this may impact your wallet.

No Chicken, No Cafes: Egyptians Scrimp As Prices Leap

By Mariam Fam | Dec 3
Struggling to cope with price increases, some Egyptians are scrimping on meals, buying used clothes or considering moving their children to cheaper schools. Even the better off are feeling the pinch.

Luxury Goods Market Hampered by Terror Threats, U.S. Election

By Colleen Barry | Oct 22
The terror threat in Europe, a strong dollar and uncertainty over the U.S. presidential elections have eroded the confidence of the globe's big-spenders, holding luxury purchases flat in 2016.

Will Boom in Loans at Retailers, Manufacturers Turn to Bust?

By Bernard Condon | Oct 1
They sell diamond rings in malls and used cars at dealerships, make wrench sets for mechanics and giant combines for farmers. Not one has "bank" in its name, but they are all big lenders, and getting bigger by the day.

1 thru 10 of 83 Stories