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Russians Flock to Stores to Pre-empt Price Rises

FINANCE | By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Dec 17
As the government considered ways to ease the selling pressure on the ruble, which has slid 15 percent in just two days and raised fears of a bank run, many Russians were buying cars and home appliances - in some cases in record numbers.

Study: Hotter Days in US Mean Less Cold Cash

FINANCE | By Seth Borenstein | Dec 16
Hotter days mean less cold cash for Americans, according to a new study matching 40 years of temperatures to economics.

White House Swings Behind Huge $1.1T Spending Bill

FINANCE | By David Espo and Andrew Taylor | Dec 12
House Republican leaders narrowly quelled a revolt among their conservatives Thursday, then worked to overcome Democratic opposition to legislation to provide $1.1 trillion in government spending.

As Beef Prices Rise, Cattle Herds Go Missing in Idaho

FINANCE | By Keith Ridler | Dec 11
More than 150 cattle valued at about $350,000 have been reported missing in southeastern Idaho, and authorities suspect modern-day cattle rustling as beef prices have soared.

Policy Snags Hold Up $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

FINANCE | By Andrew Taylor | Dec 10
Ahead of Congress' midnight Thursday deadline, snags caused by policy differences are holding up a $1.1 trillion, government-wide spending bill.

US Stocks Move Lower, Following Global Declines

FINANCE | Dec 10
U.S. stocks are sharply lower in midday trading following a slump in global markets.

Seeming Paradox: Jobs Added While Unemployment Rises

The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs in February, a respectable gain that nearly matched the average monthly increase for the past two years. Yet the unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent.

Bad Weather Not So Tough on Jobs, Hiring

CORPORATE | By Christopher S. Rugaber | Mar 8
Last month’s harsh winter weather cut across the U.S. economy, closing factories, canceling flights and keeping shoppers home. Employers, though, kept hiring.

Limbaugh Concludes: Trayvon was a Gay Basher

NATIONAL | By Michael Cox | Jul 18
Feeding off of Rachel Jeantel’s comments on CNN, Rush Limbaugh concluded that Martin was shot because he was a "gay basher," and the shooting occurred because of "the Obama economy."

Given 2nd Term, Obama Now Facing New Urgent Task

POLITICS | By Nancy Benac and Nedra Pickler | Nov 7
President Barack Obama faces a new urgent task now that he has a second term, working with a status-quo Congress to address an impending financial crisis that economists say could send the country back into recession.

1 thru 10 of 59 Stories