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Trans Officer Might Lose Job... For Being Too Short

By Donyae Lewis | Dec 2
Being too short can affect what rollercoasters you get on at amusement parks. But who would have thought it might cost you your job too. This is the case for a transgender officer in India.

Congress Members Demand Proof Trump Had Pentagon Support on Trans Troop Ban

By Ryan Lynch | Oct 21
114 members of Congress pushed for evidence from President Donald Trump that he has support from head military officials on his ban of transgender military members.

Pope Francis Says Trans People Will Cause Infertility

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 16
Transgender, non-binary people and their "utopia of the neutral" will make people infertile, Pope Francis claims.

Policies Renewed in Pakistan for Trans People to Receive ID Cards

By Donyae Lewis | Oct 8
As of last week, trans people in Pakistan are now allowed to use their 'gurus' name instead of their parent's name when registering for their country computerized national identity card (CNIC).

Transcendence :: September 28, 2017

Transcendence :: September 28, 2017

Oct 1
The Callen-Lorde Community Heath Center's annual Transcendence, a celebration for transgender and non-binary communities, honored world renowned DJ Lina, alongside writer, speaker and media personality Tyler Ford. Such a moving & inspirational experience.

Florida Group's First LGBT Transinclusive Prom: 'One Night Only'

By Deon C. Jefferson | Aug 27
The first ever LGBT TransInclusive Prom will take place on August 26, at the Roadway Inn located in Fort Lauderdale.

Reports Emerge of Trans Military Ban Policy

By Tucker Berardi | Aug 13
Despite a wave of criticism, Trump's capricious anti-trans military policy seems to be making its rounds and becoming more than just a series of tweets.

Gay Man Gives Birth to Couple's Biological Son

By Brittany Ferrendi | Aug 12
A gay transgender man became a topic of discussion over the last few months, documenting the parenting journey he and his husband entered into and posting updates throughout the pregnancy.

TransAction Fundraiser @ The Dark Lady :: August 6, 2017

TransAction Fundraiser @ The Dark Lady :: August 6, 2017

Aug 10
A night of storytelling and celebration was held as a fundraiser for the TGI Network Rhode Island and the National Center for Trans Equality.

Wondering if Your Child is Transgender? Here Are Some Tips

By Jocelyn Gecker | Aug 7
What separates a young boy who might be transgender from one with a vivid imagination who likes to dress up in his sister's dresses? What do you do if your daughter tells you she's a boy?

1 thru 10 of 496 Stories