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Utah Supreme Court Gives OK to Same-Sex Adoptions

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 24
Four Utah couples are surely rejoicing today, as yesterday, the Utah Supreme Court lifted the stay against four pending adoptions of children by their same-sex parents.

Utah Anti-Gay Activists Use Photos of Kids as Propaganda

Sep 21
Supporters of same-sex marriage in Utah are condemning opponents they accuse of exploiting the children of same-sex couples by using their photos as propaganda at an anti-gay marriage rally.??

Feds Side With Same-Sex Couples in Utah

By Brady McCombs and Pete Yost | Jan 11
Gay couples in Utah were suddenly allowed to marry, then saw the weddings stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court and were told the state wouldn’t recognize the unions. Now, the federal government has intervened and said it will recognize their weddings.

Mormon Church Working With LGBT Leaders on Utah Anti-Discrimination Bill

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 12
Officials from the Mormon Church are working with gay rights groups to create a bill that would protect the LGBT community against discrimination in Utah.

Moab Pride Festival Returns to Southern Utah

Aug 17
Though pride festivals are common in major cities around the country, the Moab Pride Festival is a standout for its remoteness in southern Utah. Last year’s inaugural event drew hundreds of participants from the Four Corners area.

The Savory Flavors of Utah’s Award-Winning Cuisine

May 21
Given Utah’s associations with everything Mormon, you might imagine that the food in the nation’s 45th state would be heavily influenced by restraint and restriction. Yet Utah is rapidly making a name for itself in the culinary world.

LGBT activists optimistic going into 2011

By Joseph Erbentraut | Dec 21
Even though progress on LGBT issues on the federal level appears unlikely during the next Congress, activists remain confident they can score legislative gains at the state and municipal level in 2011.

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