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Kik Messenger App Scrutinized Following 13-Year-Old's Death

PERSONAL TECH | By Ron Harris | Feb 8
Kik Messenger, a smartphone app popular among younger teens, is on the defensive following the stabbing death of a 13-year-old girl in Virginia who told friends she was using Kik to connect with an 18-year-old man.

Chinese Using Carpooling Apps to Get Ride Home for Holidays

PERSONAL TECH | By Paul Traynor and Didi Tang | Feb 7
The hundreds of millions of Chinese heading home for Lunar New Year have a relatively new travel option this year: mobile apps to find carpool partners to share costs in what is a novel concept for most Chinese.

Last Minute Holiday Shopper? There's an App for That

PERSONAL TECH | By Mae Anderson | Dec 24
Procrastinators, rejoice. This year there are more apps and services than ever before to help last-minute shoppers.

How Nextdoor App Hopes to Bring Communities Together

Nearly a third of Americans have no interaction with their neighbors, partly due to lower levels of trust, according to a report.

The Coolest High-Tech Gadgets for Work

PERSONAL TECH | By Mike Halterman | Dec 13
Now it's possible to work from nearly anywhere, and a lot of tech companies have made note of that. Here are seven products that will make you "ooh" and "aah."

Girl Scouts Pins Hopes on Tech Initiatives

PERSONAL TECH | By David Crary | Dec 12
As the Girl Scouts' membership continues a sharp decline, its leaders are betting on technology to reverse the trend, including a major expansion of its year-old program enabling Girl Scout cookies to be sold via mobile apps. Lets Female Employees Review Workplaces

The site is being called the Yelp for maternity leave benefits.

New Apps Help Palestinians Navigate Israeli Checkpoints

PERSONAL TECH | By Areej Hazboun | Nov 22
A pair of new mobile apps hopes to help Palestinians navigate their way around snarled traffic at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, offering a high-tech response to an intractable problem.

Gay App Hornet Erects Billboard Outside GOP Debate

NATIONAL | By Rhuaridh Marr | Nov 14
While the Republican presidential debate was (perhaps thankfully) devoid of any LGBT issues, outside the Milwaukee Theatre it was a different story.

The Dating App/Cazwell Crossover

MUSIC | By Jim Gladstone | Oct 4
Sean Howell, a polymathic Phileas Fogg of the internet age, travels the world advocating for LGBT rights and net neutrality while promoting his business, the gay social app, Hornet.

1 thru 10 of 49 Stories