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Finnish Phone App Finds Reindeer, Helps to Avoid Road Kill

By James Brooks | Dec 27
There's good news for Rudolph and his friends - an app is helping officials reduce the number of reindeer killed in traffic accidents in Finland.

Vine Will Live On as Simpler Video App for Twitter

Dec 21
Twitter's video app, Vine, will live on as a simpler tool for the micro-messaging service.

Uber Raises Privacy Concerns with Policy to Track Location Even After Ride

Dec 14
Popular apps on your phone could put your privacy at risk. Many of them ask to access your location, including ride-hailing app Uber.

Many Smartphone Health Apps Don't Flag Danger, Says Review

By Mike Stobbe | Dec 8
Don't count on smartphone health apps in an emergency: A review shows many don't warn when you're in danger.

10 Must-Have Apps For 2017

By Troy Maillis | Dec 4
As we move forward into the New Year, let's take a look at 10 Apps that have gained popularity in 2016 and show no signs of slowing down in 2017. If you don't have these Apps yet-get them!

Holiday Shopping? Bring These 4 Money-Saving Apps With You

By Joseph Pisani | Nov 27
If you're looking to save a few bucks at the mall while holiday shopping, charge up the smartphone and bring these apps with you.

Former Reds Catcher Johnny Bench Launches Anti-Bullying App

Nov 19
Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench has launched a new cellphone app aimed at combatting bullying in schools nationwide.

App Helps Save Seattle Cardiac Patient

By Gene Johnson | Oct 23
If your heart is going to stop, right outside a hospital is not a bad place for it. And if 41 people within a 330-yard radius have a cellphone app alerting them to your distress, so much the better.

Google Allo Chat App is Smart, but Enough to Break Through?

By Anick Jasdanun | Sep 25
Google wants to add a middleman to your mobile chats - a personal virtual assistant who's not shy about interjecting itself into the conversation.

5 Cool Things to Do with Facebook Messenger

By Barbara Ortutay | Jul 31
You'd be wrong to think that Facebook's Messenger app is all about messaging.

1 thru 10 of 63 Stories