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US Postal Service Says Mailing Marijuana Ads is Illegal

By Gosia Wozniacka | Dec 21
The U.S. Postal Service says it's illegal to mail materials containing advertising for marijuana products, even in states that have legalized the federally controlled substance.

AFA: ’Don’t Accept Mail Using Harvey Milk Stamp’

By EDGE | Jun 1
The AFA, in its ongoing effort to promote general idiocy in the name of "traditional family morals" sent a message to it’s legions of deluded followers last week urging them not to receive any letter sent to them using the Harvey Milk stamp.

Harvey Milk Stamp is Big Seller in San Francisco’s Castro Neighborhood

May 25
The post office in San Francisco’s Castro District is selling more stamps than usual now that a neighborhood icon is the face of the nation’s newest "Forever" stamp.

Harvey Milk Stamp to Debut at The White House

By EDGE | Apr 14
The official first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony for the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp will take place at the White House May 22.

Image For Harvey Milk Stamp Released

By EDGE | Apr 2
The design for the long awaited and debated Harvey Milk commemorative forever stamp, was released to the philatelist website Monday. The stamp will be released on Harvey Milk Day, May 22.

US Postal Service Approve Harvey Milk Stamp

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 11
Officials from the Harvey Milk Foundation took to Facebook on Thursday to confirm that the U.S. Postal Service has approved a stamp honoring LGBT icon Harvey Milk and his legacy.

New first-class stamps are ’forever’

By Douglass K. Daniel | Dec 29
Rummaging around for 1- and 2-cent postage stamps when postal rates go up is heading the way of the Pony Express. Beginning in January, all new stamps good for 1 ounce of first-class mail will be marked as "forever."

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