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Israel Takes on Facebook in Battle Against Incitement

PERSONAL TECH | By Tia Goldenberg | Jul 24
Nine months ago, Dareen Tatour posted a poem to Facebook about her frustration over spiking violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Days later, Israeli police banged on her door in the middle of the night and arrested her.

Facebook and Microsoft Team Up for Underwater Cable

Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to build an underwater cable that will run across the Atlantic Ocean.

Does Facebook Have Better Technology Than the FBI?

Facebook says they can accurately identify a person 98 percent of the time, while the FBI identifies the correct person only 85 percent of the time.

Facebook Tells Thai Users Their Data Not Given to Government

Facebook is seeking to reassure Thai users that it safeguards their private data, after a series of arrests raised concerns the social network had failed to protect personal information from Thailand's military government.

Facebook Shows New Ways to Chat, Stream Video

PERSONAL TECH | By Brandon Bailey | Apr 14
Looking for new ways to engage with its audience, Facebook says people who use its Messenger chat service will soon be able to order flowers, shop for shoes and talk with a variety of businesses by sending them direct text messages.

Facebook Programs Computers to Describe Photos for the Blind

PERSONAL TECH | By Michael Liedtke | Apr 9
Facebook is training its computers to become seeing-eye guides for blind and visually impaired people as they scroll through the pictures posted on the world's largest online social network.

Ebola Meth? Police Joke Nets At Least 1 Drug Arrest

PERSONAL TECH | By Nomaan Merchant | Mar 30
The joke has shown up on some police department Facebook pages: Anyone in possession of methamphetamine or other illegal drugs should stop by the police station for testing because the drugs might somehow contain Ebola.

German Competition Watchdog Opens Probe Against Facebook

PERSONAL TECH | By Frank Jordans | Mar 3
Facebook's privacy rules are under fresh scrutiny in Germany after the country's competition watchdog said Wednesday it suspects the social networking site of abusing its dominant market position.

Facebook Employees Called Out for Erasing "Black Lives Matter" from Its Signature Wall

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is calling out his employees after someone erased the "Black Lives Matter" slogan from the signature wall at the company's headquarters.

Facebook's 'Like' Button Gets New Friends

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jasdanun | Feb 27
On Wednesday, Facebook started making "haha," ''angry" and three other responses available in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

1 thru 10 of 123 Stories