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Lesbian Teen Raped and Murdered in South Africa

By Winnie McCroy | Aug 18
A lesbian teen is dead after being raped and strangled by a 24-year-old man in South Africa.

Will Lesbian, Raped By Uncle to ’Cure’ Her, Be Forced to Return to Uganda?

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 10
A lesbian from Uganda who has been getting care in the UK after her uncle raped her to ’cure’ her of being gay, got a second chance today when officials told her that she wouldn’t be getting on the plane back to her country.

Lesbian Teen Raped at South African Gay Pride Event

By Winnie McCroy | May 14
Gay rights activists have reported that a lesbian teen was raped after a Gay Pride event in South Africa this Saturday, May 10.

"Corrective Rape" Against Lesbians Rises in South Africa

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 7
The practice of "corrective rape" against lesbians is on the rise in South Africa, even as activists demand an end.

Youth Minister Won’t Serve a Day for Raping the Gay Away

By EDGE | Sep 11
An Iowa youth pastor convicted of having sex with teenage boys to "help them with homosexual urges" received a 17-year prison sentence last week, which was suspended provided he undergoes sex offender treatment while on probation.

’Corrective Rape?’ :: Woman Alleges Homophobic Slurs, Sexual Assault After Leaving Orlando Gay Club

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 27
An unidentified woman claimed that she was subjected to rape by three men who uttered anti-lesbian epithets and the declaration, "I’ll show you how a real man feels."

HIV Skyrockets in So. African Lesbians From "Corrective Rape"

By Winnie McCroy | Aug 21
Ten percent of lesbians in South African are HIV-positive, with the practice of "corrective rape" the likely cause, a recent study suggests.

S. African Lesbian’s Body Found in Trash Bin

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 14
The body of a missing lesbian in a Cape Town, South Africa, township was discovered in a trash bin a year after she disappeared. A neighbor stands accused of raping and murdering her after she refused to have sex with him.

Lesbians Suffer Rapes and Killings in S. Africa

By Donna Bryson | May 10
They found Noxolo Nogwaza’s body in a drainage ditch choked with trash and high reeds. The lesbian activist had been repeatedly stabbed with broken glass, and beaten so severely with chunks of concrete that her teeth had been knocked out.

South Africans Decry Rapes of Lesbians

By Thandisizwe Mgudlwa | Mar 15
Rights activists are speaking out against rapes targeting lesbians in South Africa.

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