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Ruling Pushes Gay Marriage Closer to Supreme Court

By Nicholas Riccardi and Brady McCombs | Friday Jun 27, 2014
The first ruling by a federal appeals court that states can’t prevent gay couples from marrying makes it more likely the Supreme Court will ultimately have to make a decision it has so far avoided: do states have the ability to prohibit same-sex marriage?

Third Gay Obama Court Pick Makes Slow Progress

Friday Nov 4, 2011
A third openly gay judicial nominee has made progress, being approved by a senate committee via unanimous voice vote on Nov. 3.

Obama Nominates 4th Openly Gay Man to Federal Bench

By Jeanne Seaquist | Thursday Jul 21, 2011
President Obama nominated openly gay attorney Michael Fitzgerald to the bench of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, a July 20 White House media release announced.

Openly Gay Judge Up for Confirmation to Federal Court

Monday Mar 14, 2011
An openly gay nominee for the federal bench will be the subject of a confirmation in the United States Senate on March 16.

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