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Anti-Gay Judge Ascends to Arkansas State Supreme Court Thanks to Outside Spending

By Andrew DeMillo | Mar 2
Conservative groups shattered Arkansas spending records to defeat a leading - and conservative - judge as part of a bid to reshape the nation's state courts.

Arkansas Judge Denies Sex with Men Who Appeared in His Court

Dec 18
An Arkansas judge denied allegations that he had inappropriate sexual relationships with men who appeared in his court in a written filing to the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission.

LGBT Inclusive Church Barred From Arkansas Easter Parade

By EDGE | Apr 6
If tolerance is "a two-way street," don't even think about holding a parade on it.

GOP Senator Thinks Gays Should Be Grateful They're Not in Iran

By EDGE | Apr 2
Hey gays! Shut up about Indiana already. It could be worse: You could be killed in Iran!

Arkansas, Indiana Lawmakers Race to Update Religion Bills

Apr 2
Lawmakers in Arkansas and Indiana are scrambling to revise controversial religious objection measures as Republican governors in both states try to quell a growing backlash from businesses and other critics who have called the proposals anti-gay.

Fight Over 'Religious Freedom' Objection Proposals Shift to Arkansas

By Andrew Demllo | Mar 31
The fight over "religious freedom" proposals facing increasing criticism from businesses and advocates who call them a license to discriminate against gays and lesbians has shifted toward Arkansas,

Study: Same-Sex Marriages Could Help Arkansas Economy

Nov 28
Supporters of same-sex marriages say legalizing the unions could have a $24 million impact on Arkansas' economy.

Court Will Expedite Arkansas Gay Marriage Case

Oct 23
Arkansas' highest court has agreed to move quickly on a case challenging the state's gay marriage ban.

Arkansas AG Doesn't Object to Expediting Gay Marriage Case

Oct 21
The Arkansas attorney general's office says it doesn't object to the state's highest court moving quickly on a lawsuit challenging a gay marriage ban.

Judge Sets Hearing On Arkansas Same-Sex Marriage Case

Oct 21
A federal judge has set a hearing for next month in a lawsuit challenging Arkansas' gay marriage ban.

1 thru 10 of 75 Stories