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Conversion Therapy Ban Bill Introduced in Md.: ’Ex-Gay’ Cries Foul

By EDGE | Jan 15
Threatened with possible extinction in Maryland due to a bill introduced into the state legislature banning gay conversion therapy, ex-gay advocate and director of International Healing Foundation, Christopher Doyle cries foul.

Drag Queen’s Protest Spawns Ex-Gay Petition

By Bobby McGuire | Nov 22
It’s a battle royale over the appearance of a reparative therapy advocate at a Bronx high school between gay activists led by drag queen Miss Coco Peru and ex-gay advocacy group Voice of the Voiceless.

Parents of Ex-Gays Seek to Put Va Universities in the ’Time Out Chair’

By EDGE | Oct 24
The ongoing religious right temper tantrum had another fit this week when an ex-gay support group called on Virginia lawmakers to stop funding what they call "gay-transvestite centers" at Virginia universities because they ran out of pamphlets.

Lesser Known Baldwin Brother to Headline Ex-Gay Conference

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 18
Stephen Baldwin, brother of actor and liberal activist Alec Baldwin will be a featured speaker at an ex-gay conference later this month. The three day event called "Rising from the Ashes" is sponsored by ex-gay ministry Hope for Wholeness Network.

Ex-Gay Group Sues Over London’s Pro-Gay Bus Ads

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 17
A Christian group has filed a lawsuit against Transport for London, attempting to remove billboards on double-decker buses that tell people who don’t like gays to "get over it."

Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner Features Music, Speeches and Awards

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 2
What is the difference between "pride" and "awareness?" In the case of ex-gay advocacy group Voice of the Voiceless (VoV), that answer would be a little over fifty persons.

’It Really Works!’ Gay-to-Straight Conversion

By Michael Cox | Sep 1
An ex-gay advocacy group has made a video featuring what they claim to be the successful gay-to-straight conversion of Trace McNutt, a "satanic" drag queen "on a downward spiral to death," who had the gay loved out of him.

Ex-Gays: We Should Get an Apology from Exodus as Well

By Michael Cox | Aug 27
Christopher Doyle, voice of the voiceless ex-gay movement, demanded an apology from Exodus International on his website Monday. Recognizing that the now disbanded organization would never apologize to him, he wrote an apology to himself in their name.

Ex-Gay Award Goes to Defender of Underage Conversion Therapy

By Michael Cox | Aug 27
Dean Mathew D. Staver of the Liberty Counsel will be honored with the premiere Ex-Gay Freedom Award. Staver has been on the front lines of the movement to defend the rights of counselors who want to change the sexual orientation of underage clients.

Remembering Exodus International & Looking to the Future

By Douglas Baulf | Aug 25
A look at the fall of Exodus International and the ex-gay groups that rose out of its ashes.

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