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Dallas Lesbian Creates Website That Lets You Rate People

By Jenny Block | Feb 11
Dallas dynamo Lacey Brutschy has created a website that lets you rate the people you work with every day. How would you rank?

Judge Orders Shutdown of Uber App in Spain

Dec 10
A judge has ordered the precautionary suspension of the ridesharing service Uber in Spain, saying it represents unfair competition.

Mobile Apps Still Collect Information on Kids

By Anne Flaherty | Dec 9
More than a year after federal regulators issued new privacy rules for kids' mobile apps, online stores are flooded with cute and silly software programs that quietly collect vast amounts of data on the youngest consumers.

Tips and Tricks from the Gen-Y Tech Guy

By Anthony Lanni | Oct 26
Undoubtedly, in the current age of technology, social networking has redefined the cultural norm in which we interact and socialize with our peers. At times we can be overwhelmed by information overload. Where to begin? How about right here?

The 'Buzz' Says The kGoal App Makes Kegel Exercises Fun and Rewarding

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 28
Concerned about your pelvic floor muscles? The creators of kGoal, a revolutionary new Kegel training system, are on the final week of their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its creation.

SF Parking App Refuses Shut-Down Order

By Terry Collins | Jun 29
The company behind a mobile app that allows San Francisco drivers to get paid for the public parking spaces they exit has rejected an order from the city attorney to stop its operations.

New Smartphone App Recalls Key Moments

By John McDonald | Dec 11
Are you Queer? Well, if you are there’s an app for that. Quist, which launched this past summer, is a smart phone application designed to educate the LGBTQ community on its history and important milestones.

First Media Groups NEW Hardline App

Oct 31
With over 25 years in media communications, First Media Group was able to bring one of the most advanced chat applications to life; The Hardline Chat App.

Chubby Checker Sues Hewlett Packard Over Penis-Measuring App

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 15
Music legend Chubby Checker is suing Hewlett Packard over a smartphone penis-measuring app that uses his name. The singer’s lawyers allege the app damaged his reputation.

New ’Predicktor’ App :: Can It Use Men’s Stats to Guess Penis Size?

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 8
A new app, appropriately named the "Predicktor," apparently uses a man’s stats to figure out his penis size.

1 thru 10 of 12 Stories