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Rand Paul's Same-Sex Marriage Balancing Act

By Justin Snow | Aug 12
The Kentucky senator known for his libertarian views on a number of key Republican issues says he is in favor of the "concept" of a Constitutional ban nationally on marriage equality... and he's also a proponent of letting states decide for themselves.

Lobbyist / GOP Strategist to Draft Bill to Ban Out NFL Players

By EDGE | Feb 25
A Washington, D.C. lobbyist, Republican strategist and former Fox News political analyst said Monday he is drafting legislation that would ban gay players from the National Football League.

Ind. House Panel Considers Gay Marriage Amendment

Jan 22
A new group of House lawmakers will hear testimony on a proposed gay marriage ban, as part of a move designed to advance the measure in the House.

Lawmaker Calls LGBTs ’Intolerant,’ Legislators Laugh

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 14
A conservative Indiana lawmaker sent the House Judiciary Committee into fits of paroxysm when he accused those of supporting marriage equality "intolerant."

Dozens Arrested For Being Gay In North Nigeria

Jan 14
Human rights activists say dozens of gay men are being arrested in northern Nigeria. They say such persecution will increase since President Goodluck Jonathan signed legislation banning same-sex marriage and criminalizing gay clubs and associations.

DOMA 2, The Sequel Introduced By Texas Congressman

By EDGE | Jan 10
Randy Weber, a conservative Republican congressman from Texas has proposed "The State Marriage Defense Act" on Thursday; a measure which would strip federal marriage benefits from gay and lesbian couples living in states where same-sex marriage is illegal

Indiana House Republican Files Marriage Ban Amendment

Jan 9
A Republican lawmaker in Indiana has introduced a measure that seeks to place the state’s same-sex marriage ban into the state constitution. The resolution would strengthen Indiana’s existing ban and limit further expansion of equal benefits.

P&G Comes Under Fire for Advertising on Russian TV

By EDGE | Aug 14
In response to virulently anti-gay rhetoric on Russia’s most watched news program, American multinational consumer goods company Procter and Gamble has recently come under fire for its role as Russian television’s largest advertiser.

Huelskamp Files Anti-Gay Amendment

By Justin Snow | Jul 3
A handful of House Republicans are seeking to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage just days after the Supreme Court handed down two historic family equality decisions.

Amendment on the Way? Anti-Gay Lawmaker Takes Fresh Aim at Same Sex Families

By Sergio N. Candido | Jun 28
Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp said he’ll be introducing a bill to amend the U.S. Constitution and ban gay marriage.

1 thru 10 of 15 Stories