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A Seasoned Film Critic Eyes TV in 'Television: A Biography'

TELEVISION | By Frazier Moore | Dec 5
In his new book, writer and film critic David Thomson focuses on TV from its individual genres to its broad social impact during the past 70 years. As ever, his writing is bright, puckish and reader-friendly.

Mariela Castro's March: Cuba's LGBT Revolution Takes Viewers Inside Queer Cuba

TELEVISION | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Dec 4
HBO continues to be the go-to network for truthful, cutting edge programming which puts LGBT lives under a microscope. On Nov. 28 HBO debuted Jon Alpert's "Mariela Castro's March: Cuba's LGBT Revolution" at 9 p.m.

Former Astronaut on the Realism of Nat Geo's "Mars"

Nat Geo's new miniseries "Mars" explores a fictional manned mission to the red planet in 2033. Former NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld, and the series' leading actress Jihae, joined CBSN's Josh Elliott to discuss how "Mars" blends fact and fiction.

DirecTV Wants to Be the Next Online Substitute for Cable

PERSONAL TECH | By Tali Arbel | Nov 29
There are already a few online services that aim to replace cable, but they haven't attracted many users yet. AT&T's DirecTV hopes to change that with a new service announced Monday.

Bury Your Gays: 5 LGBT TV Characters That Died Too Soon

TELEVISION | By Brittany Ferrendi | Nov 26
A study by GLAAD confirmed over 25 lesbian and bisexual female characters have been killed off on television shows this year - sending a message that LGBT people are disposable.

Fast-Talking 'Gilmore Girls' Returns; Mad Binging Forecast

TELEVISION | By Lynn Elber | Nov 24
"Gilmore Girls" returns Friday after a nine-year absence, during which longtime fans pined for what they'd lost and newcomers discovered what they'd missed through reruns.

TV Academy Gets First Black CEO in Its 70-Year History

TELEVISION | By Lynn Elber | Nov 22
A veteran producer is the newly elected chief executive of the Television Academy and the first African-American to hold the post in the organization's 70 years.

'Gotham' Star Lashes Back at Homophobic Fans

TELEVISION | By Brittany Ferrendi | Nov 20
This season of 'Gotham' took a unique spin when Penguin fell in love with Edward Nygma, and not everyone was happy. Now Penguin's actor, Robin Lord Taylor, is firing back at fans.

Women's Collective vs. 'Portlandia'

TELEVISION | By Andy Smith | Nov 19
Now in its seventh season, IFC's "Portlandia" has helped shape America's image of Portland, Oregon, as hipster heaven. But to some, the show has crossed a line.

Thandie Newton Talks About Grappling with Reality on "Westworld"

Actress Thandie Newton plays a robotic brothel manager in the HBO series "Westworld." Newton joins CBSN to discuss the hit show and its unusual take on reality.

1 thru 10 of 270 Stories