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'RuPaul's Drag Race': Pearl

CELEBRITIES | By Mike Halterman | Jul 18
A native of St. Petersburg, Florida who now lives in New York City, the drag performer Pearl had a shaky road ahead of her when season seven of "RuPaul's Drag Race" began.

Taryn Manning: So Much More Than Just 'Orange'

TELEVISION | By Joel Martens | Jul 12
There is a complexity to Taryn Manning that comes through as she speaks about her world. "OITNB" isn't her first trip on the success wheel and undoubtedly, it won't be her last.

Exclusive Interview with "Iron Chef" Alex Guarnaschelli

TELEVISION | By Mike Halterman | Jul 12
The daughter of a cookbook editor, Alex Guarnaschelli was surrounded by good food from birth. It wasn't until after she graduated college, however, that she realized she wanted to become a cook herself.

The Bold and the Beautiful Features Transgender Models in Upcoming "California Freedom" Fashion Show

TELEVISION | By Mike Halterman | Jul 12
"The Bold and the Beautiful" is getter both bolder and more beautiful with upcoming episodes featuring transgender models. Read about it in this interview with actress Karla Mosley!

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Ginger Minj

CELEBRITIES | By Scott Holland | Jul 5
She came very close to the title, but did accomplish a something that no other plus-sized girl had before, she made it to the top 3. It was really nice to sit down and chat with Ginger.

Exclusive Interview with Jax from American Idol XIV

TELEVISION | By Scott Holland | Jul 4
The best part about Jax was that in person, she is EXACTLY the same as she was on TV.

Big, Beautiful, Trans :: 'American Horror' Actress Erika Ervin

TELEVISION | By Christiana Lilly | Jun 28
Trans actress Erika Ervin -- a.k.a. Amazon Eve -- starred in the "Freak Show"-set fourth season of "American Horror Story." But that was just the beginning. Here's the interview!

Violet Chachki - 'RuPaul''s Winner

TELEVISION | By Scott Holland | Jun 28
Violet Chachki emerged triumphant at the end of "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 7. Let's catch up with the winner before she launches her world tour.

Summer 2015 TV Preview

TELEVISION | By Mike Halterman | Jun 20
Now that the networks are competing for advertising dollars year-round, and on-demand services are creating new and inventive shows no matter the time of year, you can become hooked on a lot of cool new shows. Here are 14 to check out.

'RuPaul's Drag Race,' Season 7 :: The Kennedy Davenport Interview

TELEVISION | By Scott Holland | May 31
Episode 12 saw Kennedy Davenport depart the RuPaul ranks. Now she's giving the skinny on the show!

1 thru 10 of 162 Stories