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Florida DMV Targets Gay Married Couple?

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Nov 16
The experience of a Florida gay married couple shows that when it comes to government bureaucracies, the left hand doesn't necessarily know what the right fist is doing.

Gay Man Fired From Texas Christian Children's Home for 'Lifestyle Choices'

RELIGION | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 29
Casey Stegall, a caretaker for foster kids in Texas, was fired from his job after he introduced some teenage clients to his male fiancé during an outing at a water park on July 4.

FAU Student Joins the Fight for Same-Sex Marriage Rights

FAMILY | By Denise Royal | May 21
A Florida Atlantic University journalism student is fighting for his marriage rights. Gildas Dousset, has filed an appeal in state court asking that his same-sex marriage be recognized in the state of Florida.

’’Witness for Love’’ Arrives in Arlington

POLITICS | By John Riley | May 4
A group of about 30 people, including faith leaders of various denominations, gathered outside the Arlington County Courthouse on Friday afternoon, April 25, to protest Virginia’s same-sex-marriage ban.

Williams Institute: Virginia Marriage Equality Would Pour $$ Millions into State

POLITICS | By John Riley | May 3
A report released Tuesday by the Williams Institute, an LBGT-focused policy think tank at the UCLA School of Law, says that extending marriage to same-sex couples in Virginia could generate up to $60 million.

Putin Would Be Proud: ’No Homo Promo’ Laws Around the Nation

POLITICS | By Sasha Razumikhin | Apr 19
"No Promo Homo" laws forbid teachers from discussing gay and transgender issues (including sexual health and HIV/AIDS awareness) in a positive light - if at all.

Denied a Marriage License, Fla. Couple Sue Country Clerk :: The Interview

FAMILY | By Mike Halterman | Apr 9
On Tuesday, April 1, a Key West couple attempted to apply for a marriage license at the Monroe County clerk’s office. They were denied. They’re suing. Here’s what they have to say.

Kentucky Defends Same-Sex Marriage Ban

NATIONAL | By Brett Barrouquere | Oct 2
Kentucky’s Attorney General is defending the state’s same-sex marriage ban, saying it should stand even though his office acknowledges overturning it would grant gay couples the same legal protections as straight couples.

Virginia’s 2013 Equality Battlefield

POLITICS | By John Riley | Sep 13
Many in Virginia’s LGBT community are steeling themselves ahead of what they expect to be brutal fall campaigns, the outcomes of which could deeply impact how LGBT residents are treated by state government.

Most States Likely to Spurn Marriage Equality Bandwagon

NATIONAL | By David Crary | Jul 25
As hundreds of gay couples became newlyweds in New York over the weekend, their well-wishers included many far-flung gays aware that their own states may never willingly allow same-sex marriage.

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