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California Travel Bans to Anti-LGBT States Take Shape

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 1
With bills allowing religious-based discrimination against LGBT people pending in state legislatures across the U.S., state employees in California could find themselves barred from traveling on the public's dime to a large swath of the country next year.

Tennessee Plans to Beef Up Its Anti-Gay Counselor Exemption Bill

By John Riley | Dec 18
Not content to have passed an anti-LGBT law last year, Tennessee lawmakers are trying to add additional teeth to the measure to ensure it's as tough as possible.

Taxpayer Tab for Travel to Anti-Gay States? California, San Francisco Just Say No

By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 1
The state of California and the city of San Francisco this week both banned taxpayer-funded travel to states with anti-LGBT laws.

Federal Judge Refuses to Stay His Ruling Against Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law

By John Riley | Aug 6
The federal judge who previously stopped the state of Mississippi from enforcing a "religious freedom" law that critics say condones anti-LGBT discrimination has refused to stay his previous order.

New York State Ad Campaign Tries to Steal Business Away from States with Anti-LGBT Laws

By John Riley | Jul 16
New York State is capitalizing on the negative publicity that three states have garnered for their anti-LGBT stances. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has launched an "Open Doors Campaign" that will air TV advertisements in anti-gay states.

NC Governor Forced to Seat Openly Gay Equality Activist on State Assembly

By Lainey Millen | Apr 24
Equality North Carolina's executive director, Chris Sgro, was selected by the Guilford County Democratic Party to fill the seat of the late Rep. Ralph Johnson on April 9 at a party meeting held that same day.

Details of State Legislation Seeking 'Religious Protections'

Apr 6
Here's a look at some of anti-gay "religious protection" bills that have advanced in state legislatures over the past year.

GOP's Social, Fiscal Conservatives at Odds Over Gay Rights

By David A. Lieb | Apr 6
For a party already being torn apart by the presidential contest, anti-gay state legislative efforts have exposed deep rifts between the GOP's social conservatives and its pro-business wing.

Anti-Gay State Laws Aid Push for CA Travel Ban Bill

By Matthew S. Bajko | Apr 2
The nationwide backlash against anti-gay laws recently passed in Georgia and North Carolina is aiding efforts to enact legislation in California that would ban taxpayer-funded travel to such states, LGBT advocates say.

California Bill Seeks to Ban State-Funded Travel to Anti-Gay States

By John Riley | Mar 13
After spending the past few years attempting to beat back anti-LGBT legislation in multiple states, allies of the LGBT community are finding themselves on offense in California.

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