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Pat Robertson Delivers Most Insane Rant of His Career

By EDGE | Apr 2
Oral sex, anal sex, bestiality, polygamy, Islam, pizza and cake - you name it and Pat Robertson ranted about it today.

Is Pat Robertson Resigned that Marriage Equality May be a Reality?

By EDGE | Mar 25
With the Supreme Court about to hear arguments about whether same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, Pat Robertson says all you can do is pray.

Pat Robertson Advises Viewer to Treat Gay Kid Like A Drug Addict

By EDGE | Mar 17
Televangelist Pat Robertson broke new ground in anti-gay bigotry on Monday when he advised a viewer of his daily "700 Club" program to treat her gay son who is a recent atheist as a drug addict.

Pat Robertson Tells Viewer to Blow Off Her Gay Kid's Wedding

By EDGE | Mar 6
Pat Robertson told a viewer Thursday that their gay child was splitting up their marriage and they shouldn't attend their upcoming wedding.

Pat Robertson Warns of Man-Dog and Polygamous Weddings

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 21
What kind of boutonniere would you have at a man-dog wedding? And does the dog have to carry a bouquet? Would a polygamous wedding break your flower budget?

Pat Robertson Fails Biology: Predicts Gay Extinction

By EDGE | Dec 18
According to Pat Robertson, gays and lesbians will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Pat Robertson Says Kenyan Towels Can Give You AIDS

By EDGE | Oct 17
Can you get AIDS from a towel? According to Pat Robertson you can.

Pat Robertson Condemns the 'Demonic Revelry' of Trick-or-Treat

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 14
Citing examples of ancient druids and murdered sheep, Pat Robertson is warning parents not to allow their kids to take part in trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Robertson: 13-Year-Old is Gay Because of Single Mom, Suggests More Men in His Life

By Bobby McGuire | Aug 27
"Blame the mom and bring on the men" was televangelist Pat Robertson's answer to a mother concerned about her 13-year-old stepson who confessed to having crushes on other boys.

Gay Perverts Will Drive Christians Out of Biz, Says Robertson

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 31
Pat Robertson started the week off with a bang when he said on 7/29 that the gay community would drive Christians out of business and make America a "perverse" place ripe for destruction.

1 thru 10 of 15 Stories