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Charlie Crist Asks FL Gov. to Stop Defending Gay Marriage Ban

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Aug 31
Florida's Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist has done a complete 180, now supports gay marriage, and has written an open letter to current Florida Governor Rick Scott asking him to stop defending the state's gay marriage ban in court.

Crist Opponents Question His Political Conversion

POLITICS | By Brendan Farrington | Aug 11
It sounds like something Republican Gov. Rick Scott would ask of Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist: "How can the people of Florida trust your recent conversion?"

Fla. Republican Gov: I’d Veto Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Feb 27
With Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona’s recent decision to veto a controversial bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to gays, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott says he would veto anti-gay legislation.

Do New Gay Census Statistics Matter to Fla. Lawmakers?

LOCAL | By Steven Skelley | Aug 31
Statistics from the 2010 census show the number of same-sex couples in Florida has increased by more than 21,000 over the last decade. The question remains, however, whether state lawmakers will listen to LGBT Floridians.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories