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Levi’s Launches Gay Pride Line

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jun 16, 2014
Levi Jeans launched a new line of T-shirts, tank tops and hats just in time for LGBT Pride Month.

Mo. Rep. Upset By Pro-Tolerance Shirt at Book Fair

Friday Oct 18, 2013
A Missouri state representative said he was unhappy that two high school students were wearing gay-supportive T-shirts while working at an elementary school book fair.

Give A Damn Launches Celebrity T-Shirt Project

Friday Jun 15, 2012
The limited edition shirts, which promote messages of equality and acceptance, will go on sale beginning June 15th to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. 100% of the sale proceeds will support the work of the Give a Damn Campaign.

Socially Conscious T-Shirts Raise Funds for LGBT Rights

Thursday Jun 7, 2012
Socially Conscious Shirts announced its partnership with Equality Pennsylvania to raise funds for Equality Pennsylvania’s Educational Fund by selling LGBT-affirming T-Shirts.

Court: Gay Ohio Student May Wear T-shirt to School

Tuesday May 22, 2012
A gay student who sued his Ohio high school for prohibiting him from wearing a T-shirt designed to urge tolerance of gays will be allowed to wear the shirt to school whenever he chooses.

"Scan to Vote" T-Shirts Rock the Vote

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012
Debuting for the 2012 elections, these eco-friendly tees have QR codes embedded, that when scanned with a smart phone, allows the wearer to register to vote. After launching at SXSW, the "Scan To Vote" QR Code-tees will hit the road with Rock The Vote.

Donate Your Old Tees to Charity - and Try RibbedTee for Half Price

Thursday Nov 17, 2011
This holiday season, RibbedTee invites you to try out their stylish line of designer undershirts and reward you for your used undershirts.

T-Post, World’s First Wearable Magazine, Releases Latest T-Shirt Issue

Monday Oct 31, 2011
In their latest T-shirt issue T-post, the world’s first wearable magazine is handling the current internet situation with Google & Facebook, "The Untouchables of the Internet", turning the World Wide Web into the streets of Chicago in the 40’s.

T-Shirt Wars Continue as Birmingham School Lifts Ban

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Saturday Sep 3, 2011
T-shirts emblazoned with pro- and anti-gay slogans have become a new front in the war over GLBT visibility and acceptance in American culture. In the latest development, an Alabama school has reversed itself and allowed a student to wear a pro-gay shirt.

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