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Sage Release Research on Aging Among LGBTs

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Nov 10
LGBT seniors report high concerns about aging and retirement, a lack of disclosure to their healthcare providers and smaller support networks, but are also more likely to see themselves as mentors, reads a new report by SAGE.

Anti-Gay Laws Lead to High LGBT Poverty

LGBT Americans face an unfair financial burden, thanks to anti-gay laws, reveals a landmark report.

Dr. Caitlin Ryan Takes Home NALGAP's Founders Award

HEALTH | By Winnie McCroy | Aug 19
On August 24, The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Addiction Professionals and Their Allies (NALGAP) will present the 2014 Finnegan-McNally NALGAP Founder's Award to Dr. Caitlin Ryan.

Aussie Study Suggest Kids of Same-Sex Parents Healthier, Happier

FAMILY | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 5
Children of same-sex parents enjoy better levels of health and wellbeing than others, a new Australian research suggests.

Being a Parent Changes Your Brain, Whether You’re Gay or Straight

SCIENCE | By Winnie McCroy | May 27
A new study conducted in Israel shows that gay men raising children they adopted through surrogacy may experience the same changes in their brain activity as both new mothers and fathers.

Fenway Boston and NIH Launch Anal Condom Study

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Oct 17
The Fenway Institute in Boston has teamed up with the National Institutes of Health to begin enrolling male couples in a new clinical trial studying condoms for anal sex protection.

The LGBT Nerds Who Could & Can & Will

CULTURE | By Gideon Grudo | Oct 9
With an accepted critical need for LGBT-focused research, it was clear that a think group was necessary to fill an important void. The Williams Institute serves that purpose.

LGBT Research Nets Award for Fla. Prof.

NATIONAL | By Gideon Grudo | Sep 10
Fred Fejes, a professor at FAU and an LGBT historian and published author, got the Roy F. Aarons Award "for his contributions to education and research on issues affecting the [LGBT] communities."

Study: Gay Blacks, Straight Whites Perceived As More ’Likeable’

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Sep 5
Race and sexual orientation intersected in an intriguing way in a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto.

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