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SF LGBT Center Rolls Out #HireTrans Ad Campaign

By Charlie Wagner | Feb 19
A first-of-its-kind educational campaign to encourage employers to hire transgender and gender non-conforming workers can now be seen on Muni buses and downtown San Francisco BART stations.

Exploring Issues Trans People Face in the Workplace

By Jill Gleeson | May 21
Unemployment, job discrimination and poverty disproportionally affect the transgender community. But there are some small bright spots proving that change, however incremental, is happening.

Trans Employees Open Up About Workplace Issues

By Sari Staver | Nov 28
Accomplished opera singer Breanna Sinclaire, recently honored by Out magazine as one of the top 100 LGBT advocates of the year, still worries when she applies for a job or meets new co-workers.

Rochester DJ Mocks City’s Adding Transgender Medical Benefits

By Winnie McCroy | May 21
Rochester "Breakfast Buzz" morning host Kimberly and her co-host Beck have incited the wrath of the LGBT community by mocking the city’s newly added medical benefits for transgender employees.

Texas Trans Teacher Triumphs, May Teach Teens

By Winnie McCroy | Apr 11
After being suspended by Lumberton Intermediary School in Texas, transgender teacher Laura Jane Klug was returned to the roster of substitute teachers

Rhode Island Home to 1st Transgender High School Coach

By Joe Siegel | Dec 3
Stephen Alexander has been coaching boys’ soccer at Ponaganset High School in Gloucester, R.I., for the past three years. But what separates Alexander from the average high school coach is that he identifies as transgender.

Trans European Parliament Member: ’I Was in the Wrong Body’

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 18
Member of European Parliament Nikki Sinclaire, a member of the European Parliament, has revealed that she had a sex change when she was 23 years old.

Companies Offer Health Benefits to Transgender Workers

By Matthew Perrone | Oct 24
When Koset Surakomol decided to have a sex change operation, the company she worked for told her co-workers that the man they’d labored alongside for a dozen years should be addressed as a woman going forward.

Students Rally Around Transgender Azusa Pacific Professor

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 4
Students rallied around a Azusa Pacific Professor who was recently asked to resign for coming out as transgender.

Optimism Grows for National Trans Discrimination Bill

By Jason St. Amand | Jul 20
Transgender workers around the country hope for the passing of the federal bill, ENDA even though supporters say it will not pass this year.

1 thru 10 of 13 Stories