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Lebanese Police Use Banned Anal Exam to 'Test' Homosexuality

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 16
The Lebanese police are reportedly still using a "test" for homosexuality banned in 2012 that involves an anal exam deemed to be "torture" by the nation's Order of Physicians.

Rights Group Reports Abuses by Lebanese Police

Jun 26
An international human rights group says Lebanon’s police forces are mistreating and torturing people including drug users, sex workers and homosexuals.

Indie Lebanese Band Voices Hopes of Arab Youth

By Diaa Hadid | Sep 24
A Lebanese indie band, headed by an openly gay singer, is trying to address the difficult and sometimes taboo issues of Middle Eastern societies through their music.

Lebanese LGBT Group Protests Against Gay Anal Testing

By Jason St. Amand | Aug 16
Members of a leading LGBT advocacy group in the Mideast nation held a historic protest against the government’s use of anal tests, which are forced on men who are suspected of being gay.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories