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CAPP's Top Five Tips for Selecting Quality Healthcare Providers

The Council of Accountable Physician Practices outlines the top five questions you should ask any new doctor.

Crunch Time Again for Health Insurance Sign-Ups

HEALTH | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Dec 15
President Barack Obama's push to cover America's uninsured faces another big test Monday. This time, it's not only how the website functions, but how well the program itself works for millions who are starting to count on it.

Health Law Sign-up Season Opens Amid Hopes, Fears

HEALTH | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Nov 15
The second sign-up season under President Barack Obama's health overhaul opened Saturday, with hopes that this time consumers will have a positive experience.

Hurdles Ahead for Obamacare's Second Signup Season?

FINANCE | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Sep 14
It's clear the health care law has filled a need for millions of people. The second year will show whether the full program is workable for the people it was intended to serve.

ACA Access Issues Remain for LGBTs

NATIONAL | By Heather Cassell | Aug 12
More than 30 million Americans have obtained access to health insurance since Affordable Care Act enrollment opened 10 months ago, yet access for LGBTs remains far from universal.

Ryan White's Mother Visits D.C., Urges Congress to Maintain Commitment

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 30
On June 30, Jeanne White-Ginder -- the mother of Ryan White -- returned to D.C. to remind lawmakers of the continued importance of maintaining and fully funding the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

GOP Seeks Coverage Choices in Health Care Law They Hate

LOCAL | By David Espo | Apr 6
At the prodding of business organizations, House Republicans quietly secured a recent change in President Obama’s health law to expand coverage choices, a striking, one-of-a-kind departure from dozens of high-decibel attempts to repeal or dismember it.

Deadline Brings High Interest For Health Insurance

NATIONAL | By Judy Lin | Apr 1
A blizzard, jammed phone lines and unreliable websites failed to stop throngs of procrastinating Americans from trying to sign up for health coverage by the midnight Monday deadline for President Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy initiative.

Uninsured Rate Drops as Health Law Rolls Out

HEALTH | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Jan 24
The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that the uninsured rate for U.S. adults dropped by 1.2 percentage points in January, to 16.1 percent. That would translate to roughly 2 million to 3 million people gaining coverage.

Obamacare Enrollment for LGBTs

HEALTH | By Lindsay King- Miller | Jan 6
Hoping the Affordable Care Act will close the "health care gap," the National LGBT Health Education Center at The Fenway Institute has partnered with the Center for American Progress to release "Optimizing LGBT Health Under the Affordable Care Act."

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