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4 Reasons Why People Fear Dentists (And Why They Shouldn't)

4 Reasons Why People Fear Dentists (And Why They Shouldn't)

Feb 23
According to WebMD, between 9 and 20 percent of Americans steer clear of the dentist because of fear and anxiety. Dentists say those numbers have spurred the industry to find new ways to reduce pain and allay fear and anxiety.

Austin Hate Crime Victim Gets New Smile, Thanks to Local Dentist

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 6
An Austin man who was attacked during Gay Pride Weekend in October 2012 is smiling now, after a local dentist fixed his teeth.

No Confirmed Link Between Oklahoma Dentist and Diseases

By Justin Juozapavicius | Apr 20
Although more than five dozen patients of an unsanitary Oklahoma oral surgeon tested positive for infectious disease, health officials said it would be unlikely so many contracted them in his clinic.

HIV Test Urged for 7,000 Oklahoma Dental Patients

By Justin Juozapavicius | Mar 29
Health officials on Thursday urged thousands of patients of an Oklahoma oral surgeon to undergo hepatitis and HIV testing, saying unsanitary conditions behind his office’s spiffy facade posed a threat to his clients and made him a "menace to the public he

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories