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Yard Sale Painting May Sell at Auction for $25K

HOME | By Tom Coyne | Mar 16
Jesse Ronnebaum isn't sure what moved him to buy a worn painting of seven men playing pool from a yard sale for fifty cents. Now it's going to auction and may bring in $25,000.

Story of Disneyland Auction Pulls in More Than $1.7M

Van Eaton Galleries held the highly-anticipated "The Story of Disneyland" auction this weekend, pulling in more than $1.7 million for the coveted collectibles.

JFK Wedding Negatives Sell for $34K at Auction

HOME | By Philip Marcelo | Oct 22
One black-and-white photograph captures a dapper John F. Kennedy slicing into his wedding cake. This was among the images imprinted on 13 original negatives from the Kennedys' fairytale wedding that sold for $34,073.

Charles Russell Art Fetches Millions at Auction

FINE ARTS | By Martin Griffith | Jul 30
A total of 30 Charles M. Russell works fetched millions of dollars at auction in Reno, with one painting symbolizing the railroad's effect on American Indians drawing $1.9 million and another depicting a Native American chief selling for $1.1 million.

Debbie Reynolds’ Auctions Hollywood Memorabilia

SPECIAL EVENTS | By Winnie McCroy | May 10
On May 17 and 18, legendary screen actress Debbie Reynolds will hold the third and final auction of her impressive catalog of Hollywood memorabilia, featuring treasures from virtually every discipline in movie making.

Hassehoff Memorabilia on the Auction Block

AUTO NEWS | By Matthew Wexler | Mar 4
Discover hidden treasures from your favorite celebrities on "Celebrity Home Raiders" along with the chance to pick up a few signature pieces from David Hasselhoff’s private collection, including KITT from "Knight Rider."

Trove of 1980’s Madonna Pop Culture Awaits Auction

NATIONAL | By Tamara Lush | Jan 22
Madonna’s early ambition can be seen in a collection of photos, art and drawings that are on the auction block Feb. 9 in Florida.The collection is owned by the parents of Martin Burgoyne, an artist, Studio 54 bartender and Madge’s best friend at the time.

Collector Puts Rare Comics on Auction Block

HOME | By Todd Richmond | Nov 25
Holy auction block, Batman! Comic book collector and industry legend Maggie Thompson of Wisconsin has decided to put some 500 pieces of her personal collection up for auction over the next few months.

Wright Chairs Owned by Late NYC Mayor Go For $11K

HOME | Nov 22
A set of dining room chairs designed by Frank Lloyd Wright sold Monday for more than $11,000 at an auction of furniture and other possessions of the late New York Mayor Ed Koch.

Julien’s Auctions Hosts High Fantasy Auction of Monumental Proportions

HOME | Oct 8
Julien’s Auctions has announced an exclusive auction event of unprecedented historical film value: "The Trilogy Collection: Props & Costumes from Middle Earth."

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