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Alan Cumming Launches 'The Celibacy Challenge' Against FDA

AIDS | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 6
Imagine abstaining from sex for an entire year, just to donate blood. That's what the FDA says gay men will have to do. Alan Cumming introduces them to The Celibacy Challenge.

Berlin-Based dotHIV Raises Awareness and Funds for HIV

AIDS | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 3
A Berlin-based organization will provide web addresses with the ending .hiv to companies and non-profits in an effort to raise awareness and funds for projects around the world working to prevent the transmission of HIV and end AIDS.

Coca-Cola Suspends Controversial Campaign, Apologizes

CORPORATE | By Jason St. Amand | Jan 28
Officials from Coca-Cola announced Tuesday that they have removed a social media campaign that came under fire this week for allowing users to personalize cans of Coke with text, but banned them from using the word "gay."

Bruce Springsteen Appears in Internet Gay Marriage Campaign

CELEBRITIES | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 3
Rockstar Bruce Springsteen will be featured in a new social media campaign that supports gay marriage measures in four states.

Positively Aware’s A Day with HIV Photo Campaign Battles Stigma

HIV/AIDS | By Bran Luna LeFae | Sep 15
On September 21, Positively Aware, a publication of Chicago group TPAN, will stage A Day With HIV, a global online photo campaign that captures the impact of HIV on their life, to help battle stigma.

1 thru 5 of 5 Stories