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Denver Cops Kill Queer Latina; Activists Storm Conference Till Mayor Cancels

CRIME | By Winnie McCroy | Feb 6
In retaliation for the killing of a queer Latina by Denver police last week, activists stormed an LGBT conference, causing the mayor to cancel his planned address.

Murder of LA Transwoman Marks a Dozen This Year

CRIME | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 18
The Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the murder of Deshawnda Sanchez, who was shot and killed in South Los Angeles on December 3. The murder marks a dozen transgender people murdered this year.

Marine Accused in Philippine Trans Killing Tests US Ties

CRIME | By Jim Gomez | Oct 19
A U.S. Marine authorities suspect in the brutal slaying of a transwoman at a cheap hotel more than a week ago is testing the good will between countries.

Calif. Man Arrested for Murder of Trans Woman

CRIME | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 9
A man from Southern California was arrested Tuesday in the connection of the June murder of a trans woman. Police officials say they are not investigating the slaying as a hate crime.

Aussie Paper Criticized for Headline About 'Shemale' Murder Victim

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Oct 7
An Australia newspaper has gone 'down-under,' hitting below the belt with by referring to a murdered transgender woman as a 'she-male' and a 'ladyboy,' causing a wave of outrage from readers.

Trans Woman Murdered in Brazil, Shot 3 Times in Face

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 7
Police say that a Brazilian transgender woman was murdered last Wednesday after being shot three times in the face. This incident comes not long after it was reported that 216 LGBT people in Brazil have been murdered so far this year.

Report: 216 LGBT Related Murders in Brazil in 2014

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 2
There have been 216 LGBT related murders in Brazil this year.

Russian Lesbian Found Dead With Throat Cut

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Sep 12
A Russian woman was found dead in her car Sept. 7 in St. Petersburg with her throat cut in an apparent murder.

Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Former Boyfriend Captured

CRIME | By Steve Karnowski | Sep 12
A man accused of fatally shooting his former boyfriend and business partner in suburban Minneapolis was arrested Thursday after a month on the run

Australian Man Found Dead on Nude Beach After Meeting Men Online

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Sep 5
A man was found dead Tuesday morning with his hands tied behind his back near an isolated nudist beach near Sydney, Australia, according to local police.

1 thru 10 of 133 Stories