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Dansk Collection Recalls Classic Danish Furniture

Dec 24
Light, tactile and pleasant to the eye, Gloster’s Dansk line of outdoor furnishings strikes a familiar chord with its clean, tapering lines that hark back to a classic Danish furniture design for all seasons.

Denim Decor for the Home

Dec 15
Incorporating denim material and denim blues into interiors can be just as cozy and chic as those jeans you love so much and want to wear every single day of your life.

Fit for a Queen: Redesign at London’s Park Lane Honors Queen Elizabeth II

Dec 9
The Royal Suite at the InterContinental London Park Lane has been redesigned with a timeless and elegant style inspired by Queen Elizabeth II.

Modern Home Furnishings Celebrate Italian Design

Dec 6
Cantoni, the modern furniture retailer and design studio, will introduce a Natuzzi Italia showroom as part of the Flagship’s 20,000 square foot expansion this winter.

A HeadStand for Your Desk

Nov 20
"We couldn’t find a nice headphone stand on the market, so we created one on our own" said Erich Huang, Co-founder of Just Mobile. "Just like Xtand for the iPhone stand, we believe HeadStand will create headphone stand as a new product category."

The Sideboard as Object of Desire

Nov 14
JetClass introduces the Spacium Sideboard. Combining the romance of ancestry with modern design, this sideboard meets the most demanding needs of its owner.

Thirteen Interior Designers Create "Imaginary Journeys" in Paris

Thirteen Interior Designers Create "Imaginary Journeys" in Paris

Oct 22
A recent show house in Paris was initiated by AD Intérieurs’s query to thirteen interior designers to interpret the theme "journeys of the imagination."

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories