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New Frontier for Craft U.S. Whiskey May be Underfoot

By Gene Johnson | Dec 10
Peat has become one key to making a Pacific Northwest whiskey, along with lesser-known strains of barley that thrive here and barrels made with a regional species of oak.

Whiskey and Women: Kentucky Bourbon Industry's Big Boom

By Jill Gleeson | Oct 6
What's just as hot as bourbon's slow, sweet burn is that as the amber ambrosia has stepped into the spotlight so, too, have the women helping it hit the big time.

A Tipple or Six: Ireland's Best New Spirits

By Jill Gleeson | Mar 17
With Paddy's Day almost upon us, there's no better time to raise a glass to -- or with -- the following stellar new Irish spirits. Sláinte!

Sheriff: Stolen Kentucky Whiskey May Be Destroyed, Not Sold

By Bruce Shreiner | Jan 10
Prized bottles of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon that were spirited away by a whiskey-theft ring in Kentucky might end up being destroyed rather than auctioned off, a sheriff said Wednesday.

Making Whiskey at Whip Crack Speed

By Michelle Locke | Jun 8
Everyone knows the secret to great whiskey is long, slow aging in oak barrels tucked away in cellars and warehouses for a decades-long nap. Or is it?

Jack Daniel's Turns Back Tennessee's Latest Whiskey Challenge

Apr 10
Jack Daniel's has turned back the latest challenge to a state law that determines which spirits can be marketed as "Tennessee Whiskey," but upstart distillers hoping their brands make the cut vow the fight isn't over for good.

In the Spirit: Irish Eyes Are Smiling Over Whiskey!

By Kristen Siebecker | Mar 17
St. Patrick's Day is a day to honor your Irish heritage, and if you're not a descendent of the Emerald Isle, you can pretend. And what could be more patriotic on the day that everyone is Irish than to drink Irish whiskey?

Rivals Gear Up For Next Round of Tenn. Whiskey War

By Erik Schelzig | Nov 4
The passage of several months since a heated legislative debate over the legal definition of Tennessee whiskey has done little to mellow the dispute between two global liquor giants and the growing number of craft distillers caught between them.

Templeton Rye Under Fire for Whiskey's Origin

Oct 8
The final ingredients of Templeton Rye are blended in Iowa, meaning the whiskey is made in the state, according to company owners who responded to several recent lawsuits alleging consumers were deceived by the product's Indiana-based distilling process.

New Distillery Arrives in Kentucky

By Rebecca Yonker, Erik Schelzig | May 30
Global liquor giant Diageo PLC on Thursday announced plans to build a new distillery in Kentucky amid a global boom in American whiskey sales.

1 thru 10 of 17 Stories