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Hong Kong Disney Gets $1.4B Expansion With 'Frozen' Theme Area

Nov 23
The Walt Disney Co. and Hong Kong are launching a $1.4 billion expansion of the southern Chinese city's Disneyland resort that includes the company's first themed areas based on the movie "Frozen" and Marvel superhero characters.

Discovering Hong Kong's SoHo

By Suzette Laboy | Apr 19
Hong Kong's SoHo is easy to navigate, and offers plenty to do and see: boutiques, art galleries, antiques shops, lively bars and restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines.

Hong Kong’s British Consulate May Allow Gay Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 12
Hong Kong’s government initially said it would not allow gay couples to marry in the city’s British consulates but that may now change.

Hong Kong Won’t Let Gay Couples Marry at British Consulate

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 9
Hong Kong’s government said this week it would not allow same-sex couples to marry in the city’s British consulate.

$130M to Make My Daughter Straight, Says Buffoon Tycoon

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 23
A Hong Kong billionaire just doubled his offer, promising $130M to any man who can woo and wed his lesbian daughter.

Hong Kong Transgender Woman Wins Legal Battle to Marry

By Kelvin Chan | May 13
Hong Kong’s top court granted a transgender woman the right to marry her boyfriend Monday in a watershed ruling that falls short of allowing same-sex marriage.

Art Basel Arrives in Hong Kong this Spring

By EDGE | Jan 30
Art collectors from the Far East will be flocking to Hong Kong this spring for the first Asian edition of Art Basel, May 23 - 26, 2013.

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