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WHO Urges Countries to Raise Taxes on Sugary Drinks

By Jamey Keaten | Oct 12
The World Health Organization, in a statement timed for World Obesity Day, said that the prevalence of obesity worldwide more than doubled between 1980 and 2014, when nearly 40 percent of people globally were overweight.

10 Tips to Stop the Diet-Binge Cycle

By EDGE | Feb 18
Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, shares her tips on how to avoid binge-eating and crash diets, while still meeting your goals.

Seven Tips for Surviving the Superbowl

By EDGE | Jan 30
Hot wings, chili, pigs in a blanket, and chips and dips and dips and dips! Superbowl Sunday is here, and we've got tips to help you survive the brutal hits -- to your waistline!

Classes Aim to Promote Healthy Eating Through Ethnic Cuisine

By Jay Reeves | Jul 28
Aimed at blacks but open to anyone, the "Taste of African Heritage" classes are sponsored by the Boston-based nonprofit Oldways, which promotes healthier eating through traditional foods.

For Optimum Health, Eat, Sleep, Relax and Have Great Sex

By Stephen Mosher | May 21
Fitness writer Stephen Mosher expounds on the best way to keep yourself healthy: get enough sleep, eat healthy, relax and recharge your batteries with good sex.

Drinking Linked to Faster Mental Decline in Men

By Malcolm Ritter | Jan 17
Middle-aged men risk a faster mental decline as they age if they’ve been drinking heavily for years, new research suggests.

The Unconscious Eaters Playbook

By Blake Beckcom | Nov 17
The kickoff to holiday season consumption has begun: All the Halloween candy is gone and now we face the daunting task of managing intake at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Beware of mindless eating!

Social Media Fuels Dangerous Weight-Loss Goal

By Jim Salter | Oct 5
Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an Internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young women pursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don’t touch.

Poop Pills Cure Serious Gut Infections

By Marilynn Marchione | Oct 4
Studies have shown that fecal transplants -- giving infected people stool from a healthy donor -- can help cure some of America’s half million annual Clostridium difficile, or C-diff, infections.

Tax $$ At Work: Federal Agency Asks Why Lesbians Are Obese

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 14
The National Institutes of Health is spending $1.5 million on a study that examines why lesbians and straight men are more likely to be obese than gay men.

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