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The Science Behind Stress Eating

SCIENCE | Aug 12
A new study explores why we reach for chocolate instead of an apple when we're under pressure.

10 Tips to Stop the Diet-Binge Cycle

Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, shares her tips on how to avoid binge-eating and crash diets, while still meeting your goals.

Seven Tips for Surviving the Superbowl

Hot wings, chili, pigs in a blanket, and chips and dips and dips and dips! Superbowl Sunday is here, and we've got tips to help you survive the brutal hits -- to your waistline!

Classes Aim to Promote Healthy Eating Through Ethnic Cuisine

FOOD/DRINK | By Jay Reeves | Jul 28
Aimed at blacks but open to anyone, the "Taste of African Heritage" classes are sponsored by the Boston-based nonprofit Oldways, which promotes healthier eating through traditional foods.

For Optimum Health, Eat, Sleep, Relax and Have Great Sex

FITNESS | By Stephen Mosher | May 21
Fitness writer Stephen Mosher expounds on the best way to keep yourself healthy: get enough sleep, eat healthy, relax and recharge your batteries with good sex.

Drinking Linked to Faster Mental Decline in Men

HEALTH | By Malcolm Ritter | Jan 17
Middle-aged men risk a faster mental decline as they age if they’ve been drinking heavily for years, new research suggests.

The Unconscious Eaters Playbook

HEALTH | By Blake Beckcom | Nov 17
The kickoff to holiday season consumption has begun: All the Halloween candy is gone and now we face the daunting task of managing intake at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Beware of mindless eating!

Social Media Fuels Dangerous Weight-Loss Goal

HEALTH | By Jim Salter | Oct 5
Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an Internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young women pursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don’t touch.

Poop Pills Cure Serious Gut Infections

HEALTH | By Marilynn Marchione | Oct 4
Studies have shown that fecal transplants -- giving infected people stool from a healthy donor -- can help cure some of America’s half million annual Clostridium difficile, or C-diff, infections.

Tax $$ At Work: Federal Agency Asks Why Lesbians Are Obese

HEALTH | By Jason St. Amand | Mar 14
The National Institutes of Health is spending $1.5 million on a study that examines why lesbians and straight men are more likely to be obese than gay men.

1 thru 10 of 12 Stories