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Travel Smart: 4 Tips for Cyber Security on the Road

Whether you're taking a personal holiday or a business trip, make sure your cyber security best practices are coming along for the ride.

Rampant Airport Security Failures Not a Surprise

Jun 3
Federal undercover investigators who sneaked prohibited items with alarming ease past Homeland Security Department airport screeners have also smuggled simulated bombs and weapons aboard planes during tests as far back as 2002.

10 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling

By EDGE | Mar 16
Do you throw caution to the wind when you travel? You might want to think again as it's become easier than ever for criminals to steal your credit card or other personal information.

5 Tips for Women Traveling During the Holidays

By EDGE | Dec 8
To help women stay safe while traveling, EDGE offers five personal safety tips to keep in mind when at the airport, train station or in an unfamiliar city.

St. Lucia, Colombia Bar Visitors from Ebola Nations

INTERNATIONAL | By David McFadden | Oct 16
The leader of the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia issued an order Wednesday to immediately bar entry to travelers coming from three West African nations overwhelmed with Ebola epidemics.

10 Tips for Women Traveling Alone

By EDGE | Sep 25
Author Jamie Zunick offers EDGE readers 10 tips for safely and confidently traveling on your own.

Alaska Tourist Train Halts Runs After Derailment

By Mark Thiessen | Jul 24
A vintage rail company that hauls hundreds of thousands of tourists every year along the route of the historic Klondike Gold Rush has suspended operations while it investigates a derailment that injured nine people.

3 Travel Safety Tips for LGBT Parents

International travel can expand your family's world view and create timeless memories, but acceptance of LGBT individuals and their families vary from state to state and country to country.

What’s Behind the New Airport Security Measures

INTERNATIONAL | By Ken Dilanian | Jul 7
The Obama administration is implementing tighter security measures at foreign airports that have direct flights to the U.S. out of concern that al-Qaida is trying to develop a new and improved bomb that could go undetected through airport security.

New Website Promotes LGBT Family Travel

By Robert Israel | Jun 18 is tapping into the growing market of LGBT family-friendly travel. The new site brings together travel information, advice and ideas for gay families written by gay family travelers themselves.

1 thru 10 of 46 Stories