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Beauty with a Thought: Efva Attling

FASHION | By Matthew Wexler | Feb 5
Swedish jewelry designer Efva Attling combines unique designs with a thoughtful mission to support LGBT rights around the globe. Launches Missing Link Campaign and Limited Edition Pendant

FASHION | By Matthew Wexler | Nov 19 launches a "Missing Link" campaign in opposition to the anti-LGBT practices in Russia.

Proposition Love Puts a Ring On It

FASHION | By David Perry | Jun 21
Inspired by the ups and downs of the LGBT community’s right to marry, one couple has turned adversity into a celebration worthy of a little bling.

Tiffany’s Blue Book Collection

FASHION | By Alicia Rancilio | May 2
Best not to lose the family jewels when they’re of the Tiffany’s variety. The iconic brand reveals its latest collection.

Etsy Now Selling Breast Milk Jewelry

FASHION | By Leanne Italie | Apr 26
Perhaps not the most conventional keepsake for new moms, custom jewelry featuring mother’s milk seems to be spurting onto the scene.

Jewelry’s Dark Side: MadStone

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but MadStone jewelry designer Kerri Halpern explores her dark side with a collection of skulls, spiders and other gem-encrusted oddities.

1 thru 6 of 6 Stories